Friday, May 30, 2014

When the Kids Got OUT of School

Post By: Jenilee

The kids are getting out of school.

That inspires great excitement for some moms.

And it triggers all kinds of nerves for some other moms.

Honestly, we probably ALL feel a little bit of both.

The kids are home. All day.

That is good! and... that can be quite crazy.

We've talked about the kids being bored... and some tips for that.

We've given you a new song to learn as a family.

We've given you a family bucket list.

You might have to occasionally remind them that they are on the same team.

We've even helped you get your home ready for summer fun.

You could need some help getting the kids off electronics.

You might need to remember to let go of what other moms think. and let go of your definition of a "good mom".

You'll have to spend some time working on sibling relationships... that is a huge part of summer togetherness.

That will take patience. and self control. and respect.

But even after all of that, I want to leave you with one thing.

Enjoy your kids.

Snuggle with them. Cherish them. Hug them. Love on them.

Enjoy them.

Find what they love and do it.

Use this precious summer time with your kids to build a stronger family and create a better atmosphere at home.

What are some ways that you do that at in your family? How do you prepare for the summer with your kids home? Do you feel a little bit of both happiness and reservation?

Fun on the journey,

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  1. Great tips! I think it is so important to not just survive our days but to enjoy our kids.


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