Bible Reading Plan

Join us in reading through the Bible!

We want to cultivate a community of women in the Word daily, so we invite you to join us in reading through the Bible. We have two reading plans for you to choose from.

To access downloadable PDFs for the entire year, please click each link below. Then, print out your plan and grab a pen or highlighter to mark your progress! To access a printable month by month, you will find the link posted each month with the picture.

To read the entire Bible in one year, here is our 1 year plan. This plan requires reading 3-4 chapters a day.
1 year plan in whole.

If you want to follow this plan but the thought of reading 3-4 chapters at a time sounds overwhelming, it doesn't have to be! You can split the reading up throughout the day. You could read a chapter first thing in the morning, a chapter while you eat lunch, and a chapter before bed. Whatever works best for you, just know it doesn't have to be done all in one setting!

You will find a daily Scripture shared on social media each day taken from our 1 year plan and each month we will share the monthly reading from our 1 year plan.

For the October printable, click HERE.

To read through the entire Bible, just one chapter a day, here is our 3 year Bible reading plan.
3 year plan in whole
3 year plan - year 1

**Please note: The important thing is to just be in the Word each day. Whether you choose the 1 year plan or the 3 year plan, whether you stay up to date or "fall behind," all that matters is you are reading the Bible. Don't get discouraged if you need to go at a slower pace for awhile or miss a day. Just get into the Word!

If you are looking for accountability, check out our Morning Reflections groups! Click HERE.

Have you fallen behind in your Bible plan? Read HERE for encouragement!

If you are looking for a Bible highlighting system, here is a great system! You can print out the PDF to keep in your Bible or journal for quick reference. Click HERE.
Our favorite highlighters for Bibles are:
Pilot Frixon