Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Cultivating an Intentional and Consistent Quiet Time

By: Jenifer Metzger

Last week we talked about becoming a woman of the Word in 2023 with why we need to read the Bible and how a Bible reading plan can help. Today we are going to continue our discussion by talking about how to cultivate an intentional and consistent quiet time.

We now know that we need to read the Bible and we can see how a Bible reading plan can help. But how can we be intentional and consistent? Here are a few tips to take into 2023 to help you be intentional and consistent as you become a woman of the Word.

Cultivating an intentional and consistent quiet time #Bible #quiettime #Biblestudy

Make a plan.

Decide what time of day to read the Bible and pray. Pick a time you know that you will be able to focus. If you fall into bed at night so exhausted you can't even see clearly, that is probably not the best time to read the Bible. Personally, I feel better and notice a positive impact on my day when I read the Bible and pray in the morning. Maybe for you, first thing in the morning is your best time. Maybe you will do better on your lunch break from work or while the kids nap. Or maybe you are your best at night. Whatever it is, decide that you are going to set aside time to spend with Jesus.

Gather your supplies.

First and most important, you will of course need your Bible. If you do not have a Bible, here are a couple options I have personally used and love:
One Step Closer Bible - NLT
She Reads Truth Bible - CSB
Study Bible for Women - CSB
Lifeway Women's Bible - CSB

In addition to your Bible, it can be beneficial to also have a pen and highlighters. My favorite Bible highlighters that will not smear or bleed through thin Bible pages are:
Zebra Mildliners
Daily Grace Co gel highlighters

Journals are also helpful for your quiet time. Journaling allows you to write our prayer requests, praise reports, your prayers, and write things God is teaching you. The Wholehearted Quiet Time Companion is a wonderful journal for your quiet time and much more. You can also use a blank journal. Write the Word journals are also wonderful tools!

And finally, get your Bible reading plan ready. It is helpful to have your plan printed out and put inside your Bible or journal.

Click here for the 2023
Woman to Woman One Year
Bible Reading Plan.

Have one centralized place to keep your supplies. This could be a pretty basket or bag. Having your supplies in one location helps to have everything together so you are ready instead of scrambling for something.

Remove distractions.

We tend to be distracted easily. By removing distractions, it helps to focus on reading or talking with God. You can do this by turning the TV off or leaving your phone in another room. If the sink of dirty dishes distracts you, don't have your quiet time in the kitchen.

Moms can easily be distracted by our kids. Waking up thirty minutes or even an hour before your kids wake up can be beneficial in so many ways. However, if it is not possible for you to have your quiet time before the kids wake up, that's okay, it is still possible to have a quiet time. If they are old enough to entertain themselves, tell your kids that you are going spend time with Jesus and to please not disrupt you unless it is an emergency. It make take a few days or weeks for them to get into this routine, but they will get there. If your kids are younger, set them up with something to keep them busy. This could be special toys or activities that come out only during this time or a favorite movie.

While our Bible and prayer time is often called a "quiet time," for moms it is rarely quiet and that is perfectly okay. Remember, it is important for our kids to see us praying and reading the Bible. This is a strong witness and lesson to them. One day, they may even join you!

Find accountability.

Accountability is often a strong key when we do something important in life. Think of going to the gym. People are more likely to workout when they have a buddy to workout with. In the same way, accountability can help us stay on track when it comes to our Bible reading and prayer life.

Find a friend or Bible study companion and ask her to pray about being your accountability partner. Designate a time to check in with each other each day. It could be as simple as an early morning text saying, "I'm up and ready to spend time with Jesus. Are you?" Or it could be a weekly phone call or coffee date talking about what God has been teaching you through Scripture that week.

At Woman to Woman, we have a Daily Reflections of Hope group. This is a private Facebook group where you can share your daily Bible reading, prayer requests, and praise reports. If you would like to join our group, click HERE.

Give yourself grace.

We are not perfect people and we will never be perfect at something. If you fall behind in your Bible plan, give yourself grace and jump back in. If you struggle to understand what you're reading in the Bible, know you're not alone and ask questions. Ask God to reveal to you what He wants you to know, talk to your pastor, and discuss it with your accountability partner. If you feel distracted, go back to removing distracted and ask God to help you focus. Whatever you do, never beat yourself up. Spending time with the Father through prayer and Bible reading isn't a rigid command, it's about learning more about God and growing in your relationship with Him. It is a beautiful thing and full of grace.

1) Which of these tips do you struggle with the most?
2) What other tips do you have for being intentional and consistent in this area?

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