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Living Out Titus 2

Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live,
not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good.
Then they can urge the younger women to love their husbands and children,
to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be
subject to their husbands, 
so that no one will malign the word of God.
Titus 2:3-5

What does Titus 2 really mean? What is mentorship? The Word of God tells us to come along side one another. We need mature Christians in our life to lift us up and help us. And we need to be there for the younger ones. 

Over and over again we receive emails, Facebook comments and blog comments from women just like you. Women who do not have a mentor and do not know how to go about getting one or don't know how to be a mentor to others. We are told in the Bible to encourage one another. To teach one another. Life is too hard to do this alone. We need each other. But how? How do we find someone to come along side us and mentor us? How do we know how to mentor others?

Living Out Titus 2 is a book written by 8 women with a Titus 2 passion. A book to teach you what it means to have a mentor and how to be a mentor.

Jenifer Metzger of Sweet Blessings
Debi Baker of Treasures Found In Him
Leah Hostetler of Leah's Cooking
Jenilee Goodwin of Our Goodwin Journey
Shari Miller of Living to Leave a Legacy
Lisa Shaw of Lisa Shaw Cares
Alyssa Santos of Rocks.Roots.Wings.
Jami Balmet of Young Wife's Guide

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Joyful, Patient, Faithful: A 90 Day Devotional Book for Mom by W2W founder and leader, Jenifer Metzger

In all the busyness of motherhood, remember that God is with you every step of the way. This collection of 90 daily devotions is here to help when you want to focus on faith. The time-friendly format makes it easy to pause and lighten your load through Him, so you can be reminded of the joy and beauty of connecting with Jesus every day.

Connect with God any time of the day with this beautiful choice in devotional books for Mom. To order your copy of Joyful, Patient, Faithful, click below:


Gratitude - Mom Devotional: Prayers to Pause, Reflect, and Give Thanks by W2W founder and leader, Jenifer Metzger

Moms often make for excellent multitaskers. But the busyness of motherhood can sometimes blind you to the blessings that surround you. Gratitude - Mom Devotional encourages you to take a moment to appreciate all that life has to offer.

Over the span of several months, develop a daily practice centered around faith. Explore how God’s Word enhances your role as a mother and helps you generate a more joyous outlook. To order your copy of Gratitude - Mom Devotional, click below:



5-Minute Devotions for Worry: Ease Doubt and Find Peace with Prayer by W2W founder and leader, Jenifer Metzger

We all face challenging moments in life, but the good news is you're not alone. God is always with you. This comforting book features short devotions and activities that will bring you peace and ease your worry, fear, and stress. Spending time with God’s word each day will not only deepen your faith, it will also help you stay optimistic during troubling times.

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Lies Moms Believe: (And How the Gospel Refutes Them) by W2W writer Rebekah Hargraves

As moms, we have voices coming at us from all directions on a daily basis – voices from the culture, the church, the parenting “experts”, our own parents, and others. And you know what the real kicker is? The voices all vary in what they are telling us is true! As if this weren’t confusing enough, add to it the fact that we are daily bombarded by lies from our old enemy, Satan, as well, and we are left with an overwhelming cesspool of deception. But take heart, mama. There is good news! We are not left to our own devices in motherhood, desperately trying to sift through all the voices on our own. God, in His infinite mercy and grace, has provided us with unchanging truth in His Word that is able to combat each and every lie that could ever be thrown at us. 

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Good News for a Woman's Heart: An Advent Devotional Study by W2W writer Rebekah Hargraves

The Christmas's the time of year that, though it should be the most beautiful, festive, warm, cozy, and special of all, oftentimes ends up being the most stressful and overly busy for women everywhere. Rebekah Hargraves has something different in mind for women this year, though, and that is Good News for a Woman's Heart. In this four-week Advent devotional study, Rebekah walks women through the traditional Advent themes of hope, love, joy, and peace, showing women how the Christmas season and the good news behind it truly can cultivate each of these in our hearts and lives today and every day. This Advent study takes you back in time to study the life stories of the women appearing in the genealogy of Christ including Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary and continues on into the Christmas story itself to also study the life of Mary's cousin, Elizabeth.

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Finding Our Fulfillment in Christ: A Lent Devotional Study for Women by W2W writer Rebekah Hargraves

Oftentimes, the season of Lent is wrongly believed to be about deprivation, penance, and sackcloth and ashes, but what Rebekah came to discover is that the opposite is true: It really is a season meant to shift our focus-not onto ourselves, but onto the gospel of Christ! The purpose of Lent is to break into our everyday, busy, distracted, burdened, hurried, seemingly mundane lives with the life-changing truth of the gospel. It is to remind us of who we are in Christ, what our calling is in Him, and the fact that we will not find the ultimate fulfillment we are longing for in anything other than Christ-not in marriage, motherhood, work, or even ministry.

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Friendship Matters: Cultivating Meaningful Connections in an Isolated World by W2W writer Rebekah Hargraves

In spite of the exploding popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, we nevertheless continue to fall deeper and deeper into an isolationist time and culture. Add in issues like pandemics and quarantine, mommy wars and a lack of unity, comparison and competition, infighting and a lack of love, busyness and complacency, and it isn’t any wonder that so many of us struggle to find life-giving, sharpening friendships to bolster us in our walk with the Lord.

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Walk by the Spirit: What it Looks Like to Live The Spirit-Filled Life by W2W writer Rebekah Hargraves

Seeking to live a victorious Christian life can be terribly confusing. There are voices which follow us every day, instructing us in exactly how to live out a Christ-honoring life—but they don’t all say the same thing. Some voices out there will assert that we must rely on what is basically a version of legalism—with its man-made rules and expectations— in order to please God and live righteously. Others will say to just sit back and relax because, after all, we are saved and on our way to heaven, so what is the big concern? Then there’s Paul. In Galatians 5, he not only describes the fruits of the Spirit, but he also provides us with a proven blueprint for how to have those fruits cultivated in our day-to-day lives—a blueprint which has nothing to do with either striving for perfection or sitting around and doing nothing. Instead, the key to living a victorious Christian life is to walk by the Spirit, for only then will we not fulfill the lust of the flesh.

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Transforming Your Thought Life by W2W writer Sarah Geringer

Thousands of thoughts fly through our minds every day, many of them negative. And Satan knows how susceptible we are to these negative thoughts that leave us frustrated and feeling defeated. However, the time-honored practice of Christian meditation can help us find victory in these spiritual battles. Transforming Your Thought Life offers guided meditations and personal examples that will help you train your mind to stay grounded in God's Word.

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Transforming Your Thought Life for Teens by W2W writer Sarah Geringer

Every teen is under attack. Satan knows that negative thoughts are the easiest way to tear a person down. It doesn’t take many words to feel frustrated and defeated. To fight back, today’s teens need strong minds, and the time-honored practice of Christian meditation can help them find victory in these spiritual battles.

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The Fruitful Life by W2W writer Sarah Geringer

This book is a study on the fruits of the spirit and their common opposites.  Nagging sins like impatience, anxiety, and indulgence which seem to hang around no matter what we do to prevent them are countered by the fruits of patience, peace, and self-control. All of the nine fruits of the spirit from Galatians 5:22-23 are discussed in detail.

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