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Jenifer Metzger ~ Woman to Woman Ministries founder and co-leader, Jenifer Metzger, has a passion for ministering to and encouraging women. She is learning to say "yes" to God and loves the journey with Him.

Jenifer and her husband of 21 years, Jeremy, have four children whom she calls her blessings from Heaven. Jeremy and Jenifer 
are the associate pastors at their church as well as lead the children's ministry, marriage ministry and outreach ministry. Jenifer is a housewife and homeschools her children.

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Debi Baker ~ Debi and her husband, Jim, have been married for 42 years.  She is a wife, mother, grandmother, office manager, and Pastor.  Debi desires to be used by God.  Having been a Christian for about 30 years, she says she is just now learning that she is special to God.  Knowing and believing are 2 different things.  She says she's always known...but she is just starting to believe it.  Debi is learning to say "Yes!" to God.  She is addicted to her family and loves spending time with them.  Debi and Jim enjoy traveling on their Goldwing motorcycle...it's an amazing way to see this glorious creation of ours.

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Elizabeth Stewart ~ Elizabeth is a 58 year old woman who is passionate about making the rest of her life the best of her life and encouraging others to do the same. She is a whole hearted Jesus follower who has been married to her pastor husband for over 39 years. She has three wonderful daughters, three great sons-in-law, and five of the best grandchildren in the whole world. She is active in teaching God's Word and mentoring others in her local church. She blogs at Just Following Jesus and is pursing her writing dreams, her love of photography and her passion for all things beautiful.

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Emily Miller ~ Emily Miller is a senior in college focusing on earning a Bachelor's degree in History, with the dreams of one day working at the Smithsonian. A few things she is passionate about are creative writing, studying and debating American history, hot summer days, watching her favorite baseball team play, and most importantly, earning to live out her faith in God. Through her senior year, graduation, and beyond, Emily is learning what it means to trust God with the plan He has for her life. Being a single, young, woman for Christ in today's society, Emily is excited for the adventure placed before her and can't wait to see where the Lord will lead her.

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Joanne Viola ~ I celebrated my 39th wedding anniversary this year. I am mom to two adult married children and am “Mimi” to three precious granddaughters, whom I have the joy of watching while their parents work. 

I love to read and write and began blogging so my family would always know my thoughts as I processed this journey of life. 

A ministry which is dear to my heart is The Lulu Tree, where I serve on the governing board as well as tend to our partners. 

I write on my blog Days & Thoughts. I can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. 

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Melissa Baker ~ Melissa has been married to her husband, Brian, since 2006. They have three boys: Nicolas, Isaac, and Ethan. Melissa has a Christian blog, Live ~ Laugh ~ Love. She enjoys spending time with her family and watching her husband and sons play ball. Some of her interests include church, family, softball, writing, singing and running. Melissa has the desire to lead people to Christ, but she is a shy person and finds it hard to share her faith. She is hoping to do so by writing.

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Sarah Geringer ~ Sarah writes about Finding Peace in God’s Word and is the author of three books. She’s written a free 40 Day Resurrection Garden Devotional, and you can find it here. Sarah lives in her beloved home state of Missouri with her husband and three children, right in the heart of prime viewing for the Great Eclipses of 2017 and 2024.

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