Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Stop and Enjoy the Present

 Emily Miller

Take a moment today to just stop and rest.

Set aside that to do list and enjoy some time with your family.

It is the little moments that often matter through a regular day, the little moment that we often miss because we get so distracted by our to-do lists.

As the scripture above says, tomorrow offers us no guarantees.

It is only the present moments that really matter in the end, with the time we spend with our families bonding.

So take some time today to stop and enjoy the present.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Help Me Want You Jesus

By: Jenifer Metzger

These three sentences. A mash up of words. They hold power. A life changing power. These are the words to Natalie Grant's new song, More Than Anything.

This song has been on my heart in a powerful way lately. Every time I hear it I feel inspired, encouraged, and convicted. When I need something, what do I want more, the healing, the saving, the giving, the blessing, or the One who provides those things?

Do we long so much for the blessing -the healing, giving, and saving- in our situation that we forget God? We may still go to church, maybe we still read our Bible, maybe we don't even feel like we are forgetting God. But if we are so focused on the needed blessing that it consumes us, we have indeed forgotten God. If God never gives us another blessing, He's already done enough. He's already given us more blessings that we realize. He's saved us from more than we can begin to fathom. He sent His only Son to the cross to die for us. He has done enough.

Friend, think of your situation. If God's answer to your prayer is no, will you be okay with that? Do you want Him more than anything? Listen to Natalie's song as you think about that question.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The hungry soul...

I have a fitness app on my phone on which I keep track of my exercise and eating.  It gives me access to helpful tips as well, and one of those tips was that if you are actually hungry then you will be willing to eat a piece of fruit or some veggies. It said that if you're unwilling to eat something healthy, then what you are experiencing is not true hunger.

Our small group is studying the Sermon on the Mount.  How many times have I read through Matthew chapters five, six and seven and picked out the tasty bits of what Jesus said, but turned my nose up, so to speak, at the tough parts?  I really love the part where Jesus tells us to not be anxious and reassures us of His provision and care for us.  I even have that part memorized!  But, then there's that part where He tells us that anger in our heart towards our brother is equal to murder and must be dealt with swiftly and not harbored. That part was a bit more difficult for me to swallow.

I think there are two things that make the "hard sayings" of Scripture hard for us to swallow.  The first one is mentioned in Proverbs 27:7. Our soul is so full on the junk food of this world that we aren't hungry for truth. However, when it comes to God's Word, a truly hungry soul isn't a picky eater.  For example, I know a brand new Christian who decided to start in Genesis and read straight through the whole Bible.  He doesn't understand it all and has lots of questions, but he is truly gobbling it all down like a man who's starving. The second thing that I believe causes us to reject the "hard sayings" of Scripture is our lack of intimate knowledge of and trust of the Author.  When we don't trust God's love, the goodness of His heart, and the kindness of His intentions for us, then we don't trust that when His Word says something difficult for us to swallow, that it is actually for our good. In my opinion, if we are truly spiritually hungry, and if we are truly trusting God, then we will learn to love, not just the sweet, comforting, reassuring parts of God's Word, but even the corrective absolutes that this world and our soul find so distasteful.

still following,

Friday, April 20, 2018

How to Live a Well-Watered Life

It's been a wet spring where I live in the Midwest. As a gardener, I'm enjoying the beauty of God's well-watered creation while it lasts, since summer is usually marked by drought. The tulips are marching in glorious procession, opening their faces to the sun. Their well-watered leaves and blossoms sing praises to God.

Maybe when you think about being well-watered, you think about self-care. So many of us women don't rest enough, piddle around enough, or pamper ourselves enough. Yes, most of us need more self-care to feel well-watered and productive. As important as this is, a chapter in Isaiah defines well-watered in a different way.

Turn to Isaiah 58 and slowly read those 14 verses. 

Here's how God tells us to live a well-watered life:
  • Loosen the chains of injustice
  • Set the oppressed free
  • Share food with the hungry
  • Provide wanderers with shelter
  • Clothe the naked
  • Minister to your own family
  • Stop blaming and slandering others
  • Honor the Sabbath

He promises if we do those things, we will be like well-watered gardens. We will find joy in the Lord. Our needs will be satisfied, and we will be strengthened and healed. 

God wants us to have well-watered hearts so we can minister to others. He will fill us up so we can pour love and kindness into the world.

Don't let this list intimidate you, friend. I have ideas for how we can seek these goals in creative ways.

Our well-watered hearts will pour God's love and kindness onto others.

Like you, I'm busy with work, family, church, and my home. At this time in my life, I can't go on a mission trip, add an orphan to our family, or organize a fundraiser. But we don't have to do something big to make a giant difference in God's kingdom. Our small offerings count just as much.

Let's look at simple ideas for each of these points:
  • Loosen the chains of injustice--give a monthly donation to foreign missions, like Mission India or Food for the Poor
  • Set the oppressed free--Adopt a child from Compassion or World Vision
  • Share food with the hungry--donate to your local food bank
  • Provide wanderers with shelter--host a traveling family
  • Clothe the naked--take a load of outgrown clothes to Salvation Army or the women's shelter
  • Minister to your own family--cook a Sunday dinner together, play board games, or walk outside
  • Stop blaming and slandering others--pray before speaking, and certainly before posting on social media
  • Honor the Sabbath--slow it way, way down (and enjoy a book!)

Pray about which one of these points God wants to apply this week. Let your soul feel refreshed by His living waters as you participate in a new activity.

As a well-watered garden, you will be a source of life and peace for everyone around you.

Blessings and God's peace to you,

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Discussion questions:

  1. Other than your church, which ministry do you support with time or money?
  2. What practical step will you take today to minister more effectively to your family?

Monday, April 16, 2018

Made By God {Giveaway}

By: Jenifer Metzger

For it was You who created my inward parts;
You knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I will praise You
because I have been remarkably and wondrously made.
Your works are wondrous,
and I know this very well.
Psalm 139:13-14

I think this verse is something we need to remind ourselves of often. We need to remember that we were made by God, on purpose, for a purpose. To help us remember this important truth, we have partnered with Dawn Pelletteri from Designed for More Jewelry to bring you a beautiful giveaway!

Dawn says, "The idea for my jewelry line 'Designed For More-Made By God' came from my booklet 'Designed For More: Design the life you were meant to live.' My passion is to create an awareness in girls and women that God designed them for more. The jewelry line was created to inspire and motivate each girl/woman who purchases a necklace, bracelet or key chain that - you are 'unique' and one-of-a-kind, you are not a copy or a duplicate of someone else. You are God's Masterpiece and are Designed For More!"

Dawn creates beautiful necklaces, bracelets and key chains with the message "Made by God." These double strand necklaces are 16/18 inches long. The shorter strand says Designed for More and the longer strand says Made by God. You can get red, blue, or clear beads. The necklaces are beautiful! Perfect to give your tee shirt and jeans and dressier look, yet still perfect for your Sunday best.

Each necklace comes boxed with a Daily Affirmation. This affirmation will remind you each day that you are special and extraordinary, not average, custom made, one of a kind, and tells you to hold your head high knowing you are a daughter of the King, God's masterpiece, and designed for more.

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