Thursday, April 27, 2017

I did it!

by Debi Baker

These past couple of weeks have been C-R-A-Z-Y to say the least.  I've been out of town for 4 of the last 7 days!  That's unusual for me but it just so happened that both events were just 2 days apart this time.  It makes for a crazy Debi!  While it makes me crazy, I also love it.  On the flip side of that coin, it makes me miss my hubby and kids-grandkids like, well, you guessed it, crazy!

Sometimes I feel like the 'out-of-town' Debi is a different person from the normal Debi.  I don't like that because we are, in fact, 1 in the same.  Normally, when I am out of town, I am on such a regimented schedule that I just don't have time or rather, don't make the time to spend time with the Lord.  I hate myself when this happens...I mean, after all, God always makes time for me!  This time, these 2 trips, things were different!  I managed to keep my priorities in line and each day out of town I was able to do my reading and spend some time with God!  I feel like doing so helped me not to be quite so rattled and unsettled.

While I'm not patting myself on the back, I am proud that I was able to stay focused (my word for the year-FOCUS) and accomplish what needed to be done.  Keeping focused on my priorities helped my trips to go smoothly and pass quickly.

"3 Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established."
Proverbs 16:3 NKJV

"33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."
Matthew 6:33 NKJV

These 2 verses have helped me a great deal in managing my time.  It totally makes sense to me to put God first!  Unfortunately sometimes I fail miserably.  This time...I was successful.  This tells me that I don't have to fail, I can win this war of spending time with God vs doing a bunch of other stuff that has no eternal value!

I pray that you can find that balance to put Him first in all that you do.  If you succeed, that's wonderful!  If you fail, pick yourself up and try again...and again...and again!  I did it and I know you can, too!!

Have a wonderful day!
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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

4 Ways To Make God's Word a Part of Your Day {Link Up}

By: Jenifer Metzger

We know that God's Word should be a daily part of our lives. But how can we really make that happen?

4 Ways To Make God's Word a Part of Your Day   #w2wwordfilledwednesday #Bible #GodsWord #Dailybread

Establish a quiet time each morning.

Friend, I know you are tired. I know you struggle to sleep well at night. I know the baby doesn't sleep through the night. I know your mornings are chaotic. I get it. I promise I do. But when we make time for God each morning, we are aligning our heart and mind to Him. This is the best start to the day we could ever have. Crazy things will still happen in your day. The mailman will still bring bills, the dog will still run away, the baby will still cry, your circumstances may not change at all. But when we start our day aligning with the Father, we are more prepared to deal with everything that comes are way. For me personally, I absolutely have to drag myself out of bed to brush my teeth and shower. I cannot even see clearly until these things are done. Some people need coffee, I need a shower. As soon as I am ready, I go straight to my chair for time with God. Maybe for you, once you are out of the bed the day begins in full force. Place your Bible right next to your alarm clock. Before your feet even hit the floor, reach for the Word and spend a few minutes reading and praying. Do what works for you!

Go to the Word through out the day.

Write out Scriptures you'd like to memorize on index cards. Place them in areas where you will see them often, like the refrigerator, the dash of your car, the baby's changing table, or the bathroom mirror. Even put a Scripture as your phone lock screen. Every time you see these verses, say them out loud. Use Scripture as art in your home. Whether you hand letter it yourself and frame it, create it on the computer or go to my favorite store, Hobby Lobby, and purchase art, place Scriptures throughout your home. As your eyes catch the verse throughout the day, say it out loud. After you read your Bible in the morning, don't place it away on a shelf or in a bag, leave it out and open. If you are worried about the kiddos spilling something on your Bible, get an older Bible you've long placed on the shelf or purchase a Bible for this purpose. You can get gift Bibles, nothing fancy at all just the Word, for as little as $5. As you walk past the open Bible, read a verse or chapter. If you do these things all day long, you are getting so much of God's Word in your heart!

Utilize the Bible app.

We all wait. Whether it's waiting in lines at the grocery store, waiting in the doctor's office or waiting in the school pick up line, we all wait. During that time of waiting, what do we all do? We turn to our phones. We use our phones and social media to entertain us while we wait. What if instead of tapping on Facebook or Instagram, we tap on the Bible app? What if instead of laughing at memes or making funny faces at Snapchat, we get in a few verses of the Lord's Words to us? Whenever you are waiting, use the Bible app. It's a great, convenient way to get into the Word.

End your day with God.

My favorite way to end the day is reading. I always have a fiction book on my nightstand. Something for fun. No books I have to review, nothing that is going to get my mind working before sleeping. Just easy, fun books. But I have found when I end the day with the Word of God, my heart and mind both relax making it easier to sleep. And for this insomniac, that is a blessing! I still read my fun books before bed, but after closing the cover, I reach to the nightstand where I keep a devotional. Something that has a couple of Scriptures then a short encouragement. It's only 5 minutes of reading, sometimes not even that, but gets that last dose of God's Word in me before bed.

What are other ways you get the Word in throughout the day? Share in the comments so that we can all be encouraged and inspired!  

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Handling Overly Sensitive Emotions

By: Jenifer Metzger

I am a crier. I cry at the drop of a hat. I cry when I am sad, angry, hurt, tired, happy, nervous, feel offended, feel attacked, feel nostalgic, you name the emotion and I probably cry about it. I've been told that I am too sensitive. That I cry too much. I've even been told I act like a victim because I cry. These comments have made me pause and question myself. Why do I cry? Can I stop? Am I really acting like a victim?

The truth is when the tears come, there is no stopping them. I am sure you understand. No amount of breathing slowly or fanning your face makes the tears just dry up. Some people yell and some people bottle things up and move on. My "go to" natural emotion is to cry. So how can we handle our emotions when we are an overly sensitive person?

Handling Overly Sensitive Emotions #emotions #womanhood #crying #anger #sensitivity #marriage #relationships #motherhood #family

Realize God created you.

God created us all on purpose and for a purpose, He also created us all differently. In almost 21 years with my husband, I have only seen him cry maybe 4 times, our wedding day, the birth of our older children (he didn't even cry at the births of our younger children!) and the day we found out my grandmother had stage 4 cancer. Me? I cry probably 4 times a least. It's not just a men vs women thing either. One of my husband's good friends, a man, is a crier. And I know women who rarely cry. God created us all different. These emotions we have are straight from God. He created us sensitive for a reason. We may or may not know what that reason is, but He does. Embrace the way God made you, tears and all.

Is your crying justified?

We all have reasons to cry. I already told you that I cry about a lot of things. But I also notice that when I am overly tired or overly stressed about something, I tend to cry much easier. Being offended and hurt becomes magnified. If you become more sensitive when you are tired, be careful. Make sure you get plenty of sleep. When you are tired, try to avoid situations that are going to get to you. Some people become sensitive when hungry. If this is you, carry things with you like a granola bar or crackers this way when you are hungry you will have a quick pick me up. Also try to avoid situations when you are hungry. If you are crying because you are releasing the emotions, that is okay. But if you are crying because you are tired and because you are tired everything is getting to you, remedy the situation.

God made you this way, but He can also help you.

Oh all the times I've heard someone blame their emotions on their hormones! We women tend to become more sensitive around our time of the month. It's normal really. But here's the deal ladies, God gave you these emotions as well as He gave you this biological release, if you will. Do not use your hormones or your time of the month as an excuse to be mean to others. Just because your unwanted visitor is in town does not give you the right to be so overly sensitive that you hurt others. God gave you these emotions, but He can also help you deal with them. If your hormones or your time of the month is causing you to be extra sensitive, first off, go to God. Ask Him to help you keep control over your emotions, attitude and words. Then be sure to get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water. Our bodies desperately need these things, especially at that time. Also do things that will relax you like drink hot tea, use a heating pad, take a warm bath, or take a walk.

Never, ever use your sensitivity to manipulate.

This pretty much speaks for itself. Never use your sensitivity to manipulate others. If you are a crier, do not cry just to get your way. If you and your husband need to deal with an issue, do not use tears to get out of the situation, deal with it head on, even while you cry. God did not give us emotions to manipulate others to getting our own way.

Friends, remember that God made you. If He made you emotional, that's okay. We just need to learn to deal with these emotions in a healthy way that will not wreak havoc on our relationships.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The God Who knows what you need...

Have your ever gone to another person with a need and been disappointed in their response?  Perhaps you went to your husband just needing to talk over something you were wrestling with, simply hoping for a listening ear, but instead he began to tell you how to fix the situation.  Maybe you went to a good friend for comfort and instead they began to tell you how much worse they had it than you. People let us down. Even those who love us wholeheartedly and would never deliberately hurt us or disappoint us can't always be there for us or respond perfectly to what we need in every situation.

There's only One Who knows exactly what you need and what is best for you.  That person isn't even yourself!  Sometimes we can be like a willful toddler who insists they need a cookie, but mama knows that they really need a nap.  God sees past what we think we need in every situation and circumstance and knows what we really need. When we need a rock to lean on, He's our rock.  When we need set free, He's our deliverer. When we need protection, He's our shield.  He's a willing listener to our every cry. He's a good shepherd when we need guidance. He's our counselor when we need wisdom.  He's our peace when we are in turmoil.  He's our perfect Father Who always knows what we need and when we need it.  He will always be there for us and never leave us or forsake us.  People may fail us, but God never fails.  Perhaps our relationships would be healthier if we place less expectations on others to be what we need, and more expectation on the One Who is all that we need.

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Gentle Answer


Emily Miller

I don't know about you all, but I think as women we sometimes have the desire to be right all the time, even when we are not.

This last week alone has been trying enough for me. The president made a decision for my University that was ultimately along the lines of Christian Conservative values the school should have been following, to begin with. Yet, this decision has, in turn, upset about 75% of the liberal population on campus and has put me at odds with this 75%.

When I believe strongly about something, I tend to want to fight to get my point across, especially when I feel like I am the one not being heard or understood in a situation.

This does not just happen when it comes to political issues. It can happen in your relationships where you and the other person may not exactly see eye to eye on an issue.

Sometimes it can be exhausting to fight to get your point across. There is also a very good chance that you will only drive the other person off or set them even further in their mindset that you do not agree with.

When it comes to times like these it is important to remember a simple Proverb.

A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.
Proverbs 15:1

So the next time you find yourself in an argument, whether it may be something you are convicted on or not, try answering in a gentle manner. You may find that disagreements are diffused more quickly and compromises will be made more easily if you don't spend your energy fighting about something that may or may not matter very much in the long run.