Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Becoming a Woman of the Word in 2023

By: Jenifer Metzger

As we begin to wind down 2022 and look toward 2023, we are thinking ahead to our Bible reading plan. Here at Woman to Woman Ministries, we desire to cultivate a community of women in the Word of God. We want women to know the Bible is for them and for today. We want women to know why they need to read the Bible and how they can read the Bible intentionally.

We are excited to share with you our
Woman to Woman Ministries 2023 Bible Reading Plan.

Becoming a Woman of the Word in 2023 #Bible #Biblereadingplan

Why should we read the Bible?

The Bible is the true and inspired Word of God. Through the Bible, God shares Himself on every single page. We can learn about Him, learn His heart, and get to know Him on a personal level. Through the Bible we can also learn what God wants from us and what His plan is for our lives.

The Bible is our personal letter from God to us. It is also our instruction manual for every possible life situation and season we face.

Why should we have a Bible reading plan?

"When you fail to plan, you plan to fail." The popular quote reminds us that we need to have a plan. If we do not have a Bible reading plan, we forget to read, don't know where to read, or just read randomly often leaving out some of the Word.

Have you ever sat down with a puzzle without having the box or any image to show you what you are working toward? It would be almost impossible. Reading the Bible in bits and pieces is like doing the puzzle without the box. We see where the pieces go when we read it as a whole. A plan helps guide us in where to read.

What if it feels like too much reading in a day?

People often look at a Bible plan that schedules multiple chapters and feel overwhelmed. However, when you sit down with five chapters and read straight through, you can complete the reading in under twenty minutes, often times less. If you think about it with honesty and an open heart, you have twenty minutes every day. We scroll through social media longer than that, we watch TV shows that last longer than that. We can read the Bible for twenty minutes a day.

You don't have to read every chapter in one sitting. You could read a couple chapters in the morning, and a couple chapters at night. You could read a couple chapters in the morning, then listen to an audio Bible for the other couple chapters as you get ready for your day. Reading God's Word and reading multiple chapters in a day is possible.

What happens if we fall behind?

Even with a Bible plan, sometimes we just fall behind and it is okay. Any Bible reading plan you use is there to be a guide, not a rigid requirement. If you fall behind, don't give up, don't stress out, and don't feel down on yourself. Just get back to it.

If you fall behind, you can:
• jump to the current day and keep going from there
• jump to the current day and read one extra chapter a day until you catch up
• jump to the current day and listen to an audio Bible as you go about your day to catch up
• continue on, even if the dates on your plan don't match the calendar

Are you ready to become a woman in the Word in 2023? We would love to have you join us! To get the printable 2023 Bible reading plan, go to: Woman to Woman Ministries 2023 Bible Reading Plan.

Join me next week as we share tips for cultivating a Bible reading schedule.

1. Have you ever read through the whole Bible?
2. What are your tips for sticking with a Bible reading plan?

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