Friday, March 14, 2014

Getting Your Family Ready for Spring

Spring is coming.

If you live anywhere that is slightly north, you might have a hard time believing me but the snow will end and spring will come.

I promise.

And with spring comes sports, events, and more time spent outdoors.

Things that, with a little bit of prep, can be a smooth transition for your family after a very long winter.

getting your family ready for spring - some tips to make sure you are prepared!

What do I mean?

Well, while we have been stuck inside because of snow and ice, your bikes and play equipment and yard toys have either sat in storage or braved the elements.

Spring means pulling those things out of storage and brushing off the things that have sat outside, unused for months.

Even those of you in warmer climates may have things that have gone unused due to school and shorter daylight hours.

But Spring is coming for all of us!

{all moms cheer for flip flops and outside play!}

If you are at all like me, that first warm day is a scramble to find summer toys, dig out bikes and scooters, hose off dirty swings and a whole host of other not-so-fun jobs.

Here are just a few things you can do to make sure your family is ready for spring.

1. Shoes - do your kids have play shoes that fit them? Rain boots or tennis shoes or flip flops, depending on what they are doing, might not fit from last year so when that first warm day hits, having shoes ready will help their time outside much easier!

2. Toy Tune-Up - is the bike seat the right height? Is the scooter ready to ride? Do they have helmets that fit? Is the slide broken from the cold temps of winter? These are all things to look at as warm weather approaches

3. Map Out New Places - does your city have a new park or a new trail? Celebrate the first sunny days with a trip somewhere new!

4. Clothing - In our house, the change of seasons brings a change of wardrobe for the kids. I pull out bins of clothes to sort, wash and redistribute. Scrambling for a pair of shorts or a light jacket when your kids are itching to get outside is not fun! Prep their clothes ahead of time and make sure they are ready to play!

5. Review Outdoor Rules - Your kids are a year older and things have changed in your neighborhood. Reevaluate their boundaries and guidelines so that everyone is clear before the fun hours of outdoor play!

I hope these quick tips will help make it a smooth transition into spring for your family!

What are some ways that you get ready for spring?

For some fun family adventures, check out our biking posts, 10 Tips for Family Biking and some hiking fun from last spring!

Fun on the journey,

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  1. Great list Jenilee!! We've been opening the windows and breaking out the flip flops. So excited for spring!


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