Monday, March 17, 2014

One Week Marriage Challenge

A few weeks ago a friend shared a 7 day marriage challenge on facebook. Since I love things that challenge us to go deeper in our marriage, I decided to tweek the challenge a bit and share it with you.

Are you ready? Here we go!

One week #marriage challenge

Day 1 - Pray for your husband. Not a quick, get-it-over prayer. Not a God-change-him prayer. Really spend time lifting your husband to Heaven. Ask God specifically that He would bless your husband's Spiritual walk and draw him closer to God each day. Ask God to give your husband a deep passion for Him. And ask God to help your husband have a desire to read and study the Bible and to understand what he is reading and to know how to apply it to his life.

Day 2 - Send your husband 2 texts (or emails) today. Make 1 text a sweet love message and the other text a flirty one. Really put your heart into this.

Day 3 - Buy or make him a treat. What is your husband's favorite dessert or snack food? Buy or make this for him today. Tell him that you know how much he loves this treat and wanted to spoil him today.

Day 4 - Serve your husband. Today ask him what you can do to help him out. Maybe it will be to make some phone calls for him, run errands, or even do a chore he hasn't had time to do. Ask him how you can serve him and do it with a cheerful heart.

Day 5 - Make tonight a date night. If time or money does not allow for you to actually 'go out,' make a date night at home. If you have kids, after they go to bed light some candles, play soft music, have dessert and snuggle together and talk. If your kids are older, go for a walk around the block hand in hand and talk. Whatever it is, make some time alone tonight.

Day 6 - Initiate in the bedroom tonight. And that is all we will say about that.

Day 7 - Go back through days 1 - 6, pick your favorite and do it again!

Bookmark this page, print it out, write it down, just do all 7 days of the challenge. If you go into this with your whole heart and the intention of blessing your husband, God will honor your efforts.


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