Friday, May 2, 2014

How to Handle "I'm Bored!"

by: Jenilee

With summer coming, this is a phrase that parents will begin to hear often.

It is a phrase that I do not like and my girls will tell you that they aren't even allowed to say it!

That can NOT be bored. There is just too much to do!

Life is too much of an adventure to be bored.

What are some ways to handle this "I'm bored!" phrase?

1. Don't let them say it! Make them think through why they feel "bored" and what they can do to fix it before bringing it to your attention.

2. Have options easily available. Sticker box, art supplies, craft items, toy shelves, reading area, outside play toys... lots of choices will help them choose what is available to them before whining to you that they are bored.

3. Lead by example. Being bored is not always a bad thing! Sometimes it is good to just sit and be quiet. Show that to your kids by not always entertaining them or yourself with tons of "stuff" to do. Also, you can model healthy activities. Go for a walk, read a book, bake a new recipe... show them how to best use their time!

4. Get creative! Box up some toys so only half are available at a time. When you start to hear grumblings of boredom, switch out their toys! Get online and find bored jar tip ideas. Pinterest is full of ideas... create a board of things your kids can do and let them have access to that pinterest board on their ipods. There are many creative ways to parent ahead through boredom!

5. Have family time. Sometimes kids are trying to get our attention with their "I'm bored!" exclamations. They want to play a game with you or have you read a book to them or have you sit outside with them. This isn't to say that kids shouldn't learn to play by themselves or occupy their own time with good activities. They do not need entertained by you all day. But hearing "I'm bored!" can sometimes be a wake up call that a family night should be planned soon!

What are some ways that you battle boredom at your house? How do you keep your kids from saying, "I'm bored!"

Fun on the journey,

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