Join us in reading through the Bible!

At Woman to Woman Ministries we desire to cultivate a community of women in the Word daily, so we invite you to join us in reading through the Bible!

Our 2023 One Year Bible Reading Plan is here! To access downloadable PDF click HERE. In this plan, we will spend six days a week -Monday through Saturday- reading the Bible with roughly four chapters a day. On Sundays we will have a Reflection Day. This is a day dedicated to reflecting and mediating on what God taught you throughout the week in your reading, working on any Scripture memorization you are doing, and can be used to catch up on any chapters you are behind on.

Please note: The important thing is to just be in the Word each day. Whether you stay up to date or "fall behind," all that matters is you are reading the Bible. Don't get discouraged if you need to go at a slower pace for awhile or if miss a day. Just get into the Word!

- If you are looking for accountability, check out our Daily Reflections of Hope group! Click HERE.
- For tips on becoming a woman of the Word, click HERE.
- For tips on cultivating an intentional and consistent quiet time, click HERE
- If you are looking for a Bible highlighting system, here is a great system! You can print out the PDF to keep in your Bible or journal for quick reference. Click HERE. Our favorite highlighters for Bibles are: Pilot FrixonMildliners, and Daily Grace Co Gel.