Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Watch Your Words

By: Jenifer Metzger

Can you believe she left the house looking like that?

How can she allow her kids to act like that?

Why is she so quiet, what is her problem?

Why is she at the altar crying again, what is going on with her?

We've all had hurtful words spoken to us or gossip spoken about us. We know the pain and insecurity it causes. Yet, we turn around and say or do the same thing not even giving thought to the pain and insecurity we may be causing.

And I tell you this, you must
give an account on judgment
day for every idle word you speak.
Matthew 12:36

Watch your words #speaklife #bekind #wordsmatter

The Bible tells us that we will be held accountable for those careless, critical, and judgmental words we say. Those times we purposely or even absentmindedly speak against someone. Those times we tear another down. We will answer to God for every single word.

We will not only be held accountable for those words spoken to or about someone at church, a neighbor, or a stranger in the grocery store, we will also be held accountable for the words spoken to or about our husband and even kids.

When we snap at our husband out of frustration. When we yell at the kids out of exhaustion. When we are careless with how we talk about our family to another person. We will answer for each word.

Our words matter. Our words can bring life or they can bring death. Think of a time someone spoke critical to you or about you. How did you feel? Were you hurt or angry? Now think of a time someone spoke positive and encouraging to you or about you. How did you feel then? Likely you felt happy or blessed.

You have that same power to make or break someone's day, to lift them up or knock them down. It's up you to choose. Will you bring life or death? Just remember that either way, you will answer to God.

1. Share a time someone spoke hurtful to or about you. What emotions did you feel?
2. Think of a time you spoke hurtful to or about someone. Whether done on purpose or absentmindedly, did you repent to God and apologize to the person?

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  1. Usually I remember the words I've used that hurt others, not what hurt me. (probably the Holy Spirit doing that)


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