Monday, October 3, 2022

God's Provision is Always Enough

By: Joanne Viola

And ordering the crowds to sit down on the grass, He took the five loaves and the two fish, and looked up toward heaven. He blessed the food and breaking the loaves,
He gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the crowds.

And they all ate and were satisfied,
and they picked up what was left over of the broken pieces: twelve full baskets.

There were about five thousand men who ate, besides women and children.”

Matthew 14:19-21, NASB)

Every week as we head to the grocery store, something different is missing from the shelves. The news tells us of inflation increases, shrinking paychecks and retirement funds. And we wonder, will we always have enough?

Opening to Matthew 14, the account is before me in verse 13 – 21.

Jesus upon seeing the crowd, sees their needs and is moved with compassion. He takes the time to be with the people, healing the sick, ministering to their souls.

Later that evening, the disciples see their immediate need – they need food. The disciples also only see their immediate inventory of five loaves of bread and two fish, hardly enough to feed the large crowd.

Jesus takes the five loaves and two fish, looks up to heaven and blessed the provision.

Did the crowd remember how God had provided for His people in the wilderness, taking care that they were fed each day? Did they remember with God there is always enough?

Jesus then broke the loaves into pieces, giving it to the disciples to distribute to all the people.

Did the disciples look at the bread in their hands and wonder how it never ended? No matter how much they gave out to the people, there continued to be more. Enough.

Scripture tells us, the people ate as much as they wanted and there was still leftovers. All were fed that day. All the men. All the women. And all the children. All fed till they were full.

May we remember –
the provision of God will always be enough.


Do you worry about having enough when faced with a shortage? What about this story found in Matthew brings you hope for God’s provision?


Photo by Vicky Ng on Unsplash

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  1. I've always wondered if the crowd knew it was a miracle and not something pre-organized - and then I realize I am probably judging by today's standards of how churches host events with lunches (though rarely free). Did the people see so few baskets could hold that much food? I so wonder what those who came to listen saw and their response! Yes! God's provision is always enough - the kind of enough that has leftovers!


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