Sunday, April 4, 2021

The In Between Doesn't Last Forever

by Elizabeth Stewart

 I like to take the time to watch the movie, The Passion of the Christ, during Holy Week, the days before we celebrate Christ's resurrection. I have often thought about the hours in between Jesus' gruesome death on the cross for our salvation and His victorious resurrection. Surely, those were dark hours for His family and followers. Dark hours when doubt nipped at their heels. “Was He really who He said He was?” “Will He really rise from the dead as He said?” “How? When?” As I look back over my life, much of life occurs in the “in between” hours between despair and hope fulfilled, in the dark hours before promise is fulfilled.

We have all experienced dark days and  seemingly hopeless situations. We have all had nights when sleep was the only refuge from the pain we were walking through, only to wake up to that sinking feeling deep in our gut when we remember our heartache.

Thank God, the “in between” doesn’t last forever. The dark days do give way to life and light and resurrection and promise. Looking back, so many times my mind and emotions screamed, “I can’t do this!” Yet, here I am, still here. Many of the situations gave way to glorious promise fulfilled. Others were answered, not by some glorious restoration of loss, but by God's comfort and knowledge that His plans aren’t always our plans. Some were answered by His strength, grace and endurance given, enabling me to put one foot in front of the other and to keep walking. In every situation we face, the “in-between” doesn’t last forever. One way or the other, Good Friday gives way to Sunday, to promise, to life, to resurrection. Thank God!

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