Friday, April 2, 2021

Good Friday Reflections


This Good Friday, I'm reflecting on three years of writing for Woman 2 Woman Ministries. I've always had the Friday spot, and I've had the honor of writing three previous Good Friday posts. I'm linking them below so you can have an extended time of reflection this Good Friday.

First, here is a new prayer for Good Friday 2021.

Father God,

Thank you for sustaining us

through a most difficult year.

Last Easter is when everything changed

yet you have held us

in the palm of your hand

before, during and after

such a hard year.

We bless your name

for giving us life and truth

and being our waymaker

where it seemed like there was no way.

Jesus, your sacrifice

on Good Friday on our behalf

seems even sweeter today

than in years past

knowing you died for the countless sins

committed in our world

in the past twelve months.

Oh Lord, we come before you

so sorry for the ways we have sinned

against you and others.

This Good Friday, we reflect

on our sinful natures

that only your sacrifice

can make as white as now.

Holy Spirit, may you renew

the fruits of the spirit in us

this Easter weekend

helping us bear them

more fruitfully than ever.

May our joy ever increase

our peace expand

and our love extend

further and wider

than ever before

with your gracious help.

May you lead us into new truths

kept timeless in your holy word

yet new to us as we grow

more in Christlikeness this year.

We pray these things

in Jesus' name, Amen.

Now, for your further reflections on this Good Friday, please click on the links below, and share them with others if they bless you today.

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Have a blessed Easter weekend!

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