Sunday, June 4, 2017

God's faultless character...

Both the enemy and "religion" can be used to plant a distorted image of God in our minds.  If our minds are not renewed to think in alignment with the truth of God's Word, we may fall prey to these distortions. Our own experiences can contribute to making us more vulnerable to misrepresentations of God's character as well.  For example, if our earthly father was temperamental, moody, and hard to please, we can be more prone to thinking of God as inconsistent in character and difficult to please.

God's character is perfect.  There is no darkness, no inconsistency or changeableness in His character.  There is nothing "shady" about Him.  He is good and He does good.  Because of His faultless character He can be completely trusted. We can also know with assurance that whatever He gives us will be good and beneficial for us.

There are two things I do when I recognize that my ideas about God might be skewed.  First of all, I ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to me and ask Him to dismantle my wrong ways of thinking.  The Holy Spirit is true with no falsehood in Him and He wants to guide us into truth.  Then, I open God's Word, the Bible, and search out what it says about the character of God.  Truthfully, plumbing the depths of God's heart and character as revealed in His Word will probably take a lifetime.  The depths of Who He is are limitless.  We will have eternity to explore His love, beauty and goodness!

God wants us to know Him, just as He fully knows and understands us.  He wants to have an intimate heart relationship with us based on the truth of Who He is, not a false picture painted by the enemy, religious ideas that are contrary to the truth, or our own past experiences that have skewed our understanding of Him.  He wants us to know Him in truth and to experience the fullness of His great love and goodness.

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  1. What a great scripture to lean on. Enjoyed reading and some good advice on when our thinking and understanding of God might be skewed to trust the Holy Spirit to guide.

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

  2. AMEN! Thank you for sharing Elizabeth.


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