Monday, June 5, 2017

Praying Over Your Home

By: Jenifer Metzger

Has your home been lacking joy? Has your home felt stressful or chaotic instead of feeling like a place of rest for your family? It's time to pray over your home!

A wise and Godly woman intentionally and regularly covers her home in prayer.

Pray over your husband as you make your bed, fold his clothes or put his shoes away. Pray over your children as you vacuum the carpet, prepare lunch or run bath water. When your children are napping, stand in their doorway praying over them. When your husband leaves for work, stand at the door way watching him drive away and pray over him. Take a walk around the perimeter of your home, a prayer walk, and as you walk, touch the walls of your home praying for all who live there.

Pray that your family would come to salvation and have a personal relationship with Jesus. Pray that they would be filled with the joy of the Lord. Pray that they would be healthy in their body and have a sound mind. Pray for deliverance from addictions. Pray for a home centered around Jesus. Pray for a home full of laughter and love. As you read the Bible and come across a verse that touches you or makes you think of your family and home, begin to pray that verse over your family. Claim it for your home.

As you begin to pray over your home, you will begin to see change, not just in your husband and children, but also in you and in the atmosphere. Begin intentionally praying over your home today and see what God does!

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