Monday, March 27, 2017

A Wife's Secret to Happiness {Giveaway}

By: Jenifer Metzger

Last week we talked about trusting God with the transformation. Oh that is so hard! We know how we want our guy to be, why can't we just do it ourselves! Why can't we just tweak here, change there and boom! We have the guy we want.

In her new book A Wife's Secret to HappinessJen Weaver gets right to the point when she says:
When I relinquish my role as cocreator, I make room for the Lord to speak straight to him.

When we relinquish that role that we think we need, yet really have no business being in, and let God be God, we are making room for God to speak directly to our husband and change him how He wants him. While we know what we'd like for our husbands to be like, God knows how they were created to be. He knows the strengths He placed deep within them. He knows what their future holds. But we must step out of the way.

When you are tempted to change your husband or to recreate who he is, remember that God doesn't need a cocreator. He's completely got his under control!

Jen Weaver writes A Wife's Secret to Happiness through thoughtful exploration of biblical promises, humorous hope-filled stories, and compelling testimonies. Jen shares how God continually empowers her life as a submissive millennial wife, and encourages you to experience the same freedom! A Wife's Secret to Happiness is available today!

Pick up a copy of A Wife's Secret to Happiness today, and find out what the secret really is!

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