Sunday, February 5, 2017


by Elizabeth Stewart

Tree roots anchor the tree in the soil.  They help to keep the tree straight and stable. They absorb water from the soil. Tree roots also take the needed nutrients out of the soil and use them to produce what they need for the tree's growth, development, and repair.

We live in stormy times.  The winds of political upheaval and division are blowing strong.  The winds of cultural confusion are swirling all around us.  The winds of false doctrine and man centered philosophies assault us.  How are we to stand strong in times like these?  The roots of our life must be planted deeply in our relationship with God and in His never failing love for us.  The roots of our mind, will and emotions must be anchored in the unchangeable truth of His Word.  That is the only way we will remain straight and stable in these turbulent times.

With our roots planted deep in Him, the Source of our strength and nourishment, we can continue to grow even though we may be feeling the effects of the storm blowing against us. As we stay connected to our Source of Life, nourishment and development can take place in our inner being even though our outward being is being buffeted by the wind.  Those areas where we are weak and wounded, can be repaired, healed and strengthened even in the midst of the storm as our roots continue to drink up the refreshing water  and the spiritual nutrients found in staying deeply rooted in Him and the truth of His word.

Let's obey Paul's admonition to the Colossians and commit to being deeply rooted trees that are still standing straight and tall no matter what storms we go through.  

still following,


  1. Amen, Elizabeth. Being deeply rooted then, allows us to "walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called." Blessings on your Sabbath.

    1. Yes! We can't fully live in God's plan and purpose if we are unstable in difficulties.

  2. I am so trying to water and nourish those roots in these current days and remind myself to behave in a manner God would appreciate. The scripture on which soil are you planted in is a good reminder/gauge for a Christian life. I fall short daily, but am trying. This week, I have determined that as well as my word Love for the year, I really need to stand on Trust.

    1. I so agree that trust is a hugely important trait in our lives!


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