Saturday, February 4, 2017

Be Your Own Woman


Emily Miller

Do not be afraid to be yourself.

This may be more easily said than done, but college is the big time of finding yourself and finding who you are and who you were meant ti be in the world.

It's also a time of peer pressure, where you may be tempted to try and fit in in more ways than one.

This is a danger more than one young woman can fall into, which can lead to her sacrificing her virtues for the sake of trying to fit in and be like everybody else and do what other college girls are doing to fit in.

God did not create us to fit in with the crowd. He created us to be his own unique flowers, with no two flowers being exactly alike. Some may be big, and some short. Yet, at the same time, these short flowers also have the ability to produce the biggest blooms while the taller flowers produce blooms that may be smaller but contain more

The point is, while you are going through this time of trying to find yourself in college, do not be afraid to be yourself. You may see some girls feel pressured to lose their virginity, sleeping with the first guy they hook up with in order to achieve this "goal". Or you may feel like you are left out if you are not super athletics or if you have yet to be proposed to.

Don't feel pressured to do any of these things or to be the person you are not. God makes everything work in His own time period and he has a plan for each and every single one of you ladies if you would only just be yourself. You do not need to do or follow what the world has done or is doing to feel validated, as you have already been validated by Him who loves you best.

Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it.
-Psalm 139:14

God Himself made us be wonderfully complex, unique, and marvelous creatures. By making us into the wonderful, unique creatures we are, He has given us women so much more value than can be gained by merely following the crowd.

So I challenge you today to live as a daughter of God having been made in His image and to stand apart from the world and dare to be different in order that you might be a light for His name.



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