Monday, November 14, 2016

Expecting What He Can't Give

By: Jenifer Metzger

Have you felt depleted in your marriage? Felt like you've been giving and giving and you just don't know if you have anything left to give? Maybe you feel like your husband isn't giving you enough, he isn't meeting your needs or caring for you the way you think he should.

The problem is you are expecting your husband to give you what he can't.

I think many women enter marriage seeking to be fulfilled in some way. We want our husband to love us, take care of us and fill our needs. We want him to fill us up. But the truth is, he can't. He wasn't designed to fulfill all of your needs. That is God's place.

As wives, we need to stop expecting our husband to give us what he can't and start turning to God. When we stop relying on our husbands to fill us up and start spending time in the presence of God, we will feel fulfilled, loved, cherished, and the light of God will shine through us in a beautiful way.

Expecting what he can't give. #marriage #marriagemonday #wifey #husband #family #relationship #God

When you feel lonely, turn to God.
When you feel sad, turn to God.
When you feel defeated, turn to God.
When you feel depleted, turn to God.
In all things, in all circumstances, no matter what you are feeling, turn to God.

Spend time in God's Word, in prayer, in worship, time just being still in His presence. Let Him fill you up in ways you never even expected or dreamed.

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