Sunday, November 13, 2016

A mandate to love...

I'll admit it, I couldn't wait for this divisive and tense election to be over.  I naively thought that once it was, no matter who our new president elect was, things would calm down.  That bubble burst rapidly on Wednesday morning when I opened up social media. Tensions are still extremely high on both sides of the political aisle, in spite of the genuine plea for us to unite from both the new president elect and his opponent.  Even among our brothers and sisters in Christ, there is much disagreement, offense and hurt. 

As Americans we all have the right to vote our conscience, no matter what others may think.  We also have the right of free speech to express our views.  We Americans are big on clinging to our rights.  However, once we receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord our rights as citizens to any country on this earth become secondary to our submission to Him and His ways. His Word says that we never have the right to hold onto offense and hatred toward a brother or sister in Christ.  In fact, the Bible clearly states that we don't really love Him if we do.  Those words hurt.  Yet, I've often said that the Bible means what it says and says what it means.  So, I am asking God to help me to love the way He does, to love those with whom I don't see eye to eye.  That doesn't mean I remain silent about things that I believe, but it does mean that, with God's help, I try to make sure that my words are always tempered with love and humble myself and ask forgiveness when they aren't.  I am asking for God's help to see past our differences and into the heart of others and I also pray that they will see the love of God when they look into my heart.  Loving my brother and sisters in Christ isn't optional, its a mandate. 

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  1. Love - it is not optional, it is a mandate. Amen. May we love one another and do so deeply. If ever we wondered what we are called to do, it is just that - love one another. That is God's will for us in all things, every day. Have a blessed Sunday!

  2. This is a great post. I like that we don't have to remain silent, we just have to be careful with our words.


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