Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pumpkin Cheesecake Balls

By: Melissa Baker

Recipe courtesy of www.RealHouseMoms.com

  • 10 oz Bag of (limited edition) Wilton Pumpkin Spice Candy Melts
  • 17 oz Cheesecake (I used Sara Lee Cheesecake Original Cream Classic) 

  • Directions:

    1. Take spoonfuls of cheesecake and roll them into balls
    2. Place them on parchment paper lined baking sheet
    3. Place in freezer for 30-60 minutes
    4. While the balls are in the freezer, melt the candy melts
    5. Dip each ball in the melted candy with a fork and let the excess candy drip off
    6. Place the balls back on parchment paper
    7. After dipping each ball in the candy, enjoy immediately or place back in the freezer
    8. (If the cheesecake balls get too soft while you are dipping the others, place them back in the freezer until they are firm)


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