Friday, September 18, 2015

Are You A Busy Body?

By: Sarah MacKinney

How many of us hear the words "busy body" and automatically think these words refer to someone who always has their nose in others business? Although that is the most common use of the words, lets look at it from a different perspective today.

Busy. The dictionary defines it as "having a great deal to do" and "keeping occupied." So many of us are on the go from the minute our feet hit the floor in the morning until we lay down our weary heads at night. Going to our job, taking care of our kids, cleaning, cooking, taking care of finances, volunteering, going to the gym, socializing with friends, teaching/preparing for classes or small groups, not to mention for many of us; many ministry duties. Is it a wonder we are drained?  What about our kids? On top of school all day they have sports, dance, music, bible quiz, chores, homework, etc etc. Is it a wonder they are drained and cranky?

You may say, "But the things we do are all good things!" No doubt about that. Volunteering, ministering, taking care of your home, fellowship with friends/family are all really good things! But when does it end? When do we say no? When do we have time for ourselves? When do we spend time with God? When do we refuel and refresh our souls? Have you ever got to the end of your day and realized God has not had any of your time or attention? I have. And if you have ever been around me those days, I bet you can tell right away. I am more irritable, give less grace and my patience is non existent. Why? Because I need this time with God. I need that peace; I need that time to rest in His presence, to listen, pray, wait, worship. It is crucial to my soul that I have time with God. It is a priority in my daily life. So what are your priorities? What do you value most in your day? It is different for all of us. Some of us value sports, family time, a clean house, time with friends, etc. Consider the idea that perhaps your priority list could use some reevaluating.

When I feel my life getting out of balance, I have to stop and ask myself; "How can I be a great mom if I am always tired? How can I give my best to the kids at kids church if I am so tired from my week that I am just cranky every Sunday? How can I be a good listener to my friends or a good spouse to my husband if I am so wiped out from all my other activities? How can I expect good grades from my kids if they are staying up late because they are so involved in activities that they don't have time to get everything done?" I can not give anyone the best of me if I am always too busy. I can not give anyone the best of me if I don't have the energy or heart to pour myself into one more activity.

Sometimes the pressures of life are overwhelming. So much to do. All the time. Think about King David, he understood the meaning of the word pressure. He faced countless pressures as King of Israel, most that would have even the best man hanging his head in despair. But how many times in the Psalms do we hear David crying out to God, longing for His presence, longing for fellowship with Him, seeking, praising, thanking, delighting in God. He didn't want to just know God, he wanted to KNOW God. To have an intimate relationship with Him. That is what I want too.  I want to know Him so well that I know what breaks His heart, what His character is like, what His promises are and His plan for my life, I want to know what He says about me and to feel how much He loves me. How will I know those things if He is always gets my leftovers? He deserves my best!

So are you a busy body? A human body running around being so busy that your priorities have gotten off base? What are some things you can say no too? What are ways that you can relax and refresh? When will you set time aside every day for time with your Creator? What are some activities you can cut out of your children's routine? I guarantee that when life is in balance and you are in constant relationship with your Heavenly Father; your soul is at rest and you feel much more able to give your best.  James 4:8 tells us that when we draw close to God, He will draw close to us. How many of you need Him to draw close to you today? Don't let the busy-ness of life define you, lest you become a busy body.



  1. Sarah this is so needed by all of us, especially in this technological world we live in. I find that when I give God the first part of my day the rest of the is so much more efficient. It's like tithing, when we give God the 10% or more He makes the 90% go farther. This is very convicting... Thank you.

  2. Yes, I am a BUSY body. It feels like the more I do the more people ask of me too. You are right, I do get so busy I put my relationship with God last and give HIM the "crumbs" of my time. This was a good reminder. Blessings


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