Saturday, September 19, 2015

Do I Trust God to Help Me Get the Choices Right?

When I'm feeling down, it's a lowness I can’t always easily rise out of. 

I used to feel such guilt over that. Like I was failing God some how, some way, because I couldn’t seem to pull myself up by the boot straps quickly enough. Or because I found myself in that low place—again—to begin with.

Condemnationan address where Satan loves to see us living!

Often times I am tired. I really don’t sleep well. Things that have a tendency to bother me—do! I have questions and concerns about my life and the choices needing to be made and sometimes it all just makes me “feel” low.

These three questions come to mind:
1. Do I really trust Jesus with my life? 
2. Do I trust Him with where I am now? 
3. Do I trust Him with where I am headed?

I have to admit that part of what has a tendency to bring me down is living with consequences of choices I’ve made without seeking God first. And then there are my doubts in what I am doing now. Are today’s choices right? Are there better choices I should be making? And so on...

It’s so annoying!

Again, the questions. 
Do I trust God with my life . . .
where I am in my life . . .
and where I am headed?

Instinctively my response would be, “Yes! I just don’t trust me to get the directions right!” And yet, that’s the point, isn’t it? Do I trust God to help me get it right for me, my family as a whole, and for each of my children as individuals?

I guess I really don’t. I’m so sorry God!

I can be concerned about many things. But all I really need be concerned about is whether or not I am trusting God! 
In all things—all the time!

And the only way I know to get there is by practice. Letting go of each worry as it pops up. Bringing every need, concern, doubt, frustration—every “thing”—to Him in prayer. Then after letting go and laying it down...listen, write what I hear, and walk in the way God directs me to walk; trusting Him every step to help me get it right.

I need to trust Jesus to get me to the answers for me.

These “things” are not hopeless. They are full of hope and opportunities to watch God work in all of our lives. I wouldn’t be where I am today if God had felt doors needed to close to keep me somewhere else. Doors will open once more when the time is right.  God is in control of the doors. God is in charge of making sure I see the door. I am in charge of myself and whether or not I walk through an open one.

God knows me intimately. He knows what I need to know and how I need to know it. He is more than able to help me get the direction to go in right. The “things” He uses with me to get me there will differ from what “things” He uses with you.

That’s why these “things”—choices, circumstances, and consequences—are not hopeless! And they can only bring me low if I choose to look at them in that manner. 

Feelings vs. Truth

The truth is . . . laid out before me are opportunities full of hope as they bring up—to get out of me—the dirt and lies of this world so that holiness and truth can fill their place. 

Leading me onward and to the next door...

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