Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Habits

By: Jenifer Metzger

With day to day activities and the many hats we wear in life, sometimes marriage can get, well, blah. It's the same ole, same ole. The same routine. The same habits. The same motions. The same everything.

We must be intentional in marriage. A few years ago my focus word for the year was intentional. About the same time God was dealing with my husband about being more intentional in our marriage and family. It is amazing how when you are intentionally focusing on something, how it goes from blah to exciting!

Kathi Lipp says in her new book, Happy Habits for Every Couple, with her husband, Roger:
We determined that if we wanted to make this marriage work, we had to be intentional in everything we did. We would be intentional about inviting God into our marriage each day. We would be intentional about our time spent together and the conversations we shared. We would be intentional about supporting each other and looking for the good in each other, instead of constantly recognizing what was driving us nuts.
Happy Habits for Every Couple #marriage #happyhabits

Stop making everything in marriage mundane, When was the last time you and your husband flirted? Dated? Bought each other a gift for more than a birthday, Christmas or anniversary? Make marriage exciting!

If your marriage is facing a case of the blahs, and even if it isn't, check out Happy Habits for Every Couple. Roger and Kathi not only offer real life stories and great advice and encouragement, but they offer 21 days to being intentional about blessing your spouse. Some days are simple and fun, some days are about intimacy, some days focus on the wife and some days focus on the husband. This book is blessing couples all over. I cannot encourage you enough to check it out! Also check out their Facebook page for daily encouragement and ideas to bless your spouse.

Ladies, if your husband is like mine and hates reading and not really into this 'self help' kind of stuff, do it alone! You can bless him with each of the 21 day tasks. When it's a task for your husband to do on you, either adjust and do it to him, or spoil yourself. Your husband will love it. Then after the 21 days, you can explain it to him and maybe he'll be on board to do it together.

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