Friday, January 30, 2015

The Well-Oiled Machine Part 2 The Importance of Chores

The Well-Oiled Machine
The Importance of Chores

So, now it’s time to get to work on that well-oiled machine.  Any mom (or dad) knows that the daily work in the home is never-ending.  There is always laundry to be done, food to be purchased and cooked, hygiene to be tended to, and not to mention the house needing to be cleaned!  This job was not meant for one person.  I believe the whole family can benefit from being involved in caring for the home. 

By being a part of the household responsibilities, children learn that they are valuable to the family unit.  They learn that what they do and what they contribute adds value to the greater whole.  They learn that if their job doesn’t get done, then everyone suffers.  They learn that others rely on them and that brings on a feeling of responsibility and feeling that they belong.  They add value and are valued in the family.  It’s a win-win situation.

Not only will a child learn they are valued, but they will learn to value others’ things.  By teaching them to care for their property along with other’s property, they will gain respect for others’ things.  Although this is an ongoing teaching experience, they will learn that others have value too.  They will learn that there is a time and place for everything, as the Bible tells us, and we have been given responsibility, not only from our parents, but from God.  When we care about what He has provided for us, we are more likely to have better understanding of why we must take care of the things that God has supplied for us.  What better way to learn this than by practicing it in our own homes, with our own things, and our own family.

Another important gain from giving our children chores is a sense of community and helping others.  Just as the child learns that we all need to do our part because others rely on us, they also learn that they can rely on others to make the job easier on everyone.  This begins in the family, when they see that a job goes much quicker when everyone participates and does their part.  Then, as they begin to realize the world around them, they have a greater understanding of what needs to get done and how they can do their part to make this world a better place.

Maybe you never considered chores to be necessary for your child to do.  Maybe you just figured it would be easier and quicker just to do the job yourself.  It is my desire that perhaps after thinking of chores in a different light that you would begin to delegate more responsibility to your children for their sake.  Keep two things in mind when moving forward with chores:  1.  Don’t expect perfection.  Every child has to first learn.  Refrain from correcting as much a praising your child for making the effort.  They will eventually get it right, but until then, just let them do the best they can and reward them for their efforts.  2.  Be an example to your child.  Let them see you doing the job first.  Don’t expect something from your child that you are not willing to do yourself.  Let them see your positive attitude as you do those things that they will one day be doing.  Teach them how to do the chore right, then let them do the best that they can, encouraging them as they do it.  Your example is the best teacher.

Next week we will finish out our series on the Well-Oiled Machine with The Importance of Acceptance.  Join me next week as we discover what really gets the wheels turning!

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