Monday, January 13, 2014

Little I Love Yous

We all love little surprises right? I sure do! Last month my husband surprised me with a set of Christmas tea cups for my hot tea and hot chocolate that I love to drink so often. He recently surprised me with delicious soup from Panera Bread. These little surprises mean so much to me. It shows me that he was thinking of me while he was away from me. It shows me that he cares.

Let's start this year off right. Let's plan some little surprises for our husband!

My husband's recliner has a secret cubby hole. We keep the remote control in this cubby so that he always knows where it is. Just a couple of weeks ago I started hiding small treats in there for him to find when he sits down after coming home from work. One day it's a mini candy bar, one day his favorite mints, one day a love note, different things hidden there just for him. I also like to hide sticky notes in the pocket of his work jeans or his lunch box. Or place red heart stickers in places he will see them. These things show him that I love him.

A few ideas for little I love yous...

  • Buy a bag of his favorite fun size candy bars. Place a bar next to his chair or in his lunch.
  • Use red heart stickers and place them in his calendar, on a sticky note in his Bible or other places he will see.
  • Cook his favorite meal and surprise him at work with a romantic lunch.
  • Use your cell phone and take a video of you telling him five reasons why you love him, then send it to him.
  • Call him in the middle of the day and when he answers sing, I just called to say I love you, I just called to say how much I care.
  • Wink at him.
  • Using sticking notes or a small note pad, simply write a note saying you love him and place it in his vehicle to find when he goes to work.
  • Change your computer or cell phone wallpaper to his picture. When he sees it, he'll know you were thinking of him.
  • With him right there, tell your kids a memory of when you were dating or from your wedding.
  • Use your words. Tell him how much you love him and tell him often.

What are some things you can plan to do this year to surprise your husband with little I love yous? 

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