Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ham Chowder

Have you ever wondered if you could create a recipe all by yourself? Where do all these recipes come from anyway?

Somewhere, someone is experimenting with all sorts of different ingredients trying to find something that people will enjoy eating! Well the recipe today was totally made up by me! I really like my recipes to be exact and to the point so I know what I am doing, but I actually managed to come up with this one all alone and my hubby thot it was pretty amazing that I made it myself without a recipe to follow! I was pretty pleased myself ;)

I'd be most happy to hear what you think about it once you try it!
Here's the recipe:

Ham Chowder

1 small ham (with bone)
1 small onion chopped
1 t garlic salt
1 c chicken broth
1/2 c water
Cook on low in crockpot for 6 hours
Pick the ham off the bone and add
1/2 c sliced carrots
1/2 c cauliflower
1/2 c broccoli
1 - 15 oz white Great Northern Beans
1/2 t pepper
Cook on low until veggies are soft.
Add 4-6 slices velveeta cheese
Serve with crackers and a side salad :) Delicious!

Jesus loves you more then you know!

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  1. I don't eat ham but could try this with chicken! Great recipe!


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