Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We Trust, Yet We Don't

We look at the skyline and see a beautiful sun rising for the day and we know this is God. We see stars twinkling in a night time sky and we know this is God. We hear the giggles of our precious child and know this is God.

We know God is real and mighty and powerful.

We don't doubt that God placed the planets exactly where He wanted them. We don't doubt he set the ocean water into motion and told it where to stop.

Yet, we doubt God will help us with our problem.

When we struggle with finances, relationships or health, do we trust fully that God will come through in His timing and His way? We doubt. Of course, we pray and ask God for His help, yet we pick that burden back up. We take it to the cross and seek God then we walk away, yet moments later we pick it back up and carry it on our back.

Sister, if God can sprinkle the sky with stars and knit a child in the mother's womb, then He can take care of you. Trust Him. Believe.

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  1. Yes! How often have I been in that same mind frame -- I trust but I don't. Praying that we will all move to complete trust in Him!

  2. Jenifer, I so needed this today. It inspired me press on in my daily walk with the Lord. It also inspired me to link up.

  3. I trust, but I don't - but I am getting better! And I am certainly understanding that God is with me every step I take. My father recently fell and got hurt quite badly. The Lord has so tangibly ordered our family's steps and decisions, that it's almost like we haven't had to do anything except follow His footsteps.

    A good lesson for the rest of my life.


  4. Sure you will get to know each others little intricacies but if you then mix a little variety and mystery in with it, it is usually the right tonic for many relationships.


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