Thursday, October 25, 2012

Time away & an 86%!

Good Morning...I am excited to take another opportunity to count my blessings today!  I know I probably sound like a broken record because I say that every Thankful Thursday.  I want to be intentional in my prayers.  I want to be complete conscious of each and every blessing...large or small...that God has given me.  I don't want to take for granted one thing for which He has seen fit to bless me.  I am praying that as you read these Thankful Thursday posts where I count down the blessings of God you will start taking time to count your blessings.

So, with that said, today I am thankful for...

451.  ... an amazing few days away with my hubby.

452.  ... Italian Wedding Cake - oh, my is the most phenomenal thing I've ever put in my mouth!

453.  ... this wonderful journey on which God is taking us.

454.  ... the wisdom & support of my hubby as God moves us into the position of senior pastor.

455.  ... the phone call I got from my grandson exclaiming he got an 86% on his English test!

456.  ... the excitement of my daughter and her family as they follow God's leading.

457.  ... the way my grandchildren love to serve God! 

458.  ... the way God speaks to me.

459.  ... the upcoming Fall Festival of our church...a FREE outreach to our community!

460.  ... the outpouring of love I see in our congregation.

461.  ... friends...past & present. 

So, comment below with some of the things you are thankful for on this day.  We would love to hear from you.

Have a thankful day,

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  1. Beautiful list. I am thankful for being welcomed back to our church family as though we never left.


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