Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"I'm NOT a Rabbit!"

"But I'm not a rabbit!"

That's the first thing to come out of my husbands mouth when I mentioned doing a fast a few weeks ago. I'm happy to tell you we did actually try it out and it wasn't nearly as bad as what he or I thought it would be.

The fast was from a devotional called Fit For My King by Sherri Rose Shepherd. I encourage you to check out this book. It's a devotional not just about getting fit but also being spiritually fit, turning to God instead of food. I'm still working on the devotional  but it is so so so good. For the next couple of weeks I'm going to share recipe's from the devotional that we've tried and LOVE.

If you're like me you are saying to yourself ~ eating healthy is too expensive. It's too much work. Is it really worth it?

In my oppinion it is worth it. The only work involved is prepping lettuce and veggies for the coming week. Eating healthy can be expensive. The first week we did this we were full fledge into it and spent $200 on groceries...half of which went bad and we had to throw out...yeah that in itself almost caused me a heart attack SO if you start small just go with a little at a time, try a new recipe each week and work into it, it won't be that expensive. If you want to start small like we did here are a few tips/substitutes you can try...

Instead of Ground Beef => Try Lean Ground Turkey - this is all we eat now, turkey whenever we make anything like spaghetti, burgers, anything that would normally call for ground beef.

Instead of Potato Chips => Try Kale Chips or unsalted pretzels. We're still getting used to making the kale chips, I have a new recipe to try with these which I'm hoping my kids and husband will go for this time.

Instead of baked potato's, mashed potato's, french fries => Try homemade cabbage slaw, steamed veggies, sweet potato fries. I've heard mashed cauliflour made up just like mashed potato's is AMAZING, we have yet to try that though. (I have recipe's to share with you on each one of the things I've mentioned in the next coming weeks)

Instead of White Flour and White Sugar, White Salt and Veggie Oil => Try Spelt Flour, Sugar in the Raw or Stevia, Sea Salt and Olive Oil. White Flour and White Sugar go through a bleaching process when they are made...basically they are bleached. Stevia and Spelt Flour do not go through this process and therefore are better for your body to process. White Salt is also bleached and Veggie oil is not from veggie's it is a mixture of all oil's, basically it's the junk from other oils processed and turned safe to eat.

This fast was all about going back to the basics. If you're tired and sick and sick and tired then go back to the foods that GOD created. Stay away from the foods MAN created. God knew what He was doing when He provided us with food to eat. Try eating more of what He made and less of what the world has processed. I have not lost any weight on this fast but I don't really think that was the point, I believe God just wanted to open my eyes to the way my family and I were eating and convince us to change a few things to help us feel better. It's a slow process but we're starting to get it.

Today I want to share with you one recipe we really enjoyed.

Cabbage Slaw

You will need:
1 head of red cabbage
1 head of green cabbage
Light Mayo
Tofutti ~ also known as sour cream but it's natural sour cream and tastes SOOOO much better
1 Shredded Carrot

You will have to prepare the cabbage for this, I had no idea how to do that so if you don't either I'm going to tell you *smiles*. I tore off all the leaves, and the outside of the cabbage, throw it away. Then cut the cabbage in half and start cutting it down ~ it will make strips of cabbage do this to each. Be sure you have huge freezer bags because this makes a LOT of cabbage. You will only use a little bit for this slaw. Make as much as you want to eat in one sitting because it tastes a little funky the next day. Don't forget to shred the carrot too.

To make the sauce take a seperate bowl and do equal parts of mayo with equal parts of tofutti. Salt and pepper to taste and stir it up then pour it over the cabbage and mix it all together.

This recipe is not an exact science we just eyed everything with how much we wanted to eat for the meal, we serve this cabbage chilled. I'm sorry I didn't take a picture, I forgot all about it but it is REALLY good even my very picky children eaters enjoyed it.

If you're like me and wanting to eat healthier as well as get closer to God I encourage you to check out this book, it was unlike anything I have ever read.


  1. Wonderful advice and great post! About 18 months ago we changed our eating habits completely...we did away with ALL soda (pop) and began eating organic. And like you said about eating healthy, eating organic can be expensive. However when you are spending about $15-$20 a day at Sonic on pop alone, you can go to the organic grocery store and spend the same amount of money you normally spend on groceries and pop. Organic fruits & veggies taste SO MUCH BETTER than the stuff from the regular grocery store.

    I'll have to try this slaw recipe! And I think I'm gonna get the book, too! ;-)

  2. Mandy, sounds great. Like we talked about yesterday, I greatly desire to get healthy as well as closer to God. Can't wait to see this book!!


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