Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Ladies, you have blown us away with your response to the Woman to Woman morning Reflections group!  We understand this is a real need, accountability among women and our walk with God.  As we have said before, we want to be here for you sweet ladies.

We want the Woman to Woman Morning Reflections group to be about accountability, encouragement, prayer partners and building relationships.  We want for you ladies to make lasting friendships in these groups as you are encouraged in your walk with God.

The ladies and I have decided to add another group.  We feel that if the groups get too big, it will be difficult to make the kind of trusting relationships that are needed for accountability.  We will add as many groups as are needed!  We truly feel accountability is important.

Here is how this will work ladies.  If you come to a group and see it has more than twenty five members, we ask that you go to the next group.  However, if you have a friend or someone you know in one of the groups and would like to be in that group (even if it is over twenty five), that will be allowed and we will add you.  Debi, Mandy and I will be a part of each group and we desire to connect with each of you.

To join a Woman to Woman Morning Reflection group, please click one of the links below:

Group 1 - 

Group 2 -

Don't forget, Wednesdays here at Woman to Woman are Wandering Wednesdays!  If you are a blogger or if you just feel God has laid something on your heart to share, please email Mandy at

Sweet Blessings~

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