Monday, February 6, 2012

Marriage Monday

Did you hear the big announcement last week?  If not, click here.

When you were dating you probably bragged to all your friends how great your guy was.  Right?  You told of all the wonderful things he did, how handsome he was, how strong he was, every chance you got, you told of his good qualities.

When we are dating, we can't wait to brag about our man.  When we are married, often times the bragging turns to complaining.  He didn't take out the trash, left his shoes out, hasn't taken you on a date and the list goes on and on.  We are just as quick to complain to our friends as we were to brag back in the day.

It is good to have one or two women or maybe a small intimate group (like your Bible study group) that you can confide in and who can pray for you.  But it should never, ever turn into husband bashing.  You should only tell your confidants these things for the purpose of prayer and encouragement.

Other than the above reason, we should never speak ill of our husband.  We need to build him up.  It does our own heart good to bring to mind the good qualities he has.  But more important, our husbands desire to know that we still love them and still think of them as our strong, knight in shining armor.

I have another marriage challenge for you today.  I want you to tell at least one person something good about your husband.  Tell how he read your son a bedtime story, danced with your daughter, helped with the dishes, picked up his shoes, whatever it may be, just find something good about your guy and share it.  Then tell your husband that you were bragging on him today.  It will be a sweet little ego boost for him to know that you are talking good about him to your girlfriend.  Be sure to head over to our Facebook page and tell us the good things about your husband, too.

Sweet Blessings~


  1. I like that I completed your challenge before I even read it! I love how my husband interacts with our girls. Just Friday, he let one skip school for a Daddy Daughter Day complete with pancakes from Ihop.

  2. I absolutely love bragging on my husband like this! I try to keep it casual, though, because he tends to feel awkward when receiving compliments. Even from me. I don't go overboard with the language in the compliment, and tend to keep it to-the-point, happy and proud. But I also feel like I'm needing to find other ways to compliment him in a way that doesn't make him feel awkward.

  3. As a husband, I wish I gave my wife something she could brag about!

    Great advice though! Everyone should read this!

  4. Your post is full of Godly wisdom and we always need to be reminded to brag on our husbands and to never trash him.

  5. What great and godly-steeped reminders. And I needed the part about it doing our hearts good too. We forget that.



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