Friday, February 3, 2012

On being a girl

Being a girl in this world is hard. On every side we have things being thrown at us. According to that tv show we have to wear the perfect combination of jeans and sweater and boots to look fabulous. According to that commercial we have to have this lipstick and that eye shadow to hide our "not so perfect according to the world" complection. According to the people looking at us while we walk to our car, we must not be doing something right because of the look they just gave us. According to that magazine we HAVE to have an hour glass figure or we aren't even worth acknowledging.

Every where we look we have to compete with someone about something whether our looks, our clothes, our job performance or our home life.

With that being said I've been watching my daughter a lot latley. She will be 4 in March. When she twirls in her princess dresses I can see her watching me out of the corner of her eye to see what I will say. When she twirls in her pretty princess slippers or dances and sings to a song that plays on the radio I can see her watching her daddy to see what he thinks.

As women we want to be persued, we want to be accepted. We want to be loved. But what about our daughters? They not only want to be persued, they NEED to be persued. They NEED to feel accepted. This subject is so very near and dear to my heart because of my own childhood. It is imperitive...let me say that again..

It is IMPERITIVE we take posession of our daughters hearts while they are young or when they grow older the world will do it's very best to grab their hearts and then only God can release those chains. It is important, if not 100x more important for father's to have posession of their daughters hearts becauase I gaurantee when she is older she will go looking for that father figure and it won't always be a nice safe place she goes looking. Even if your daughters are older it is NEVER too late to start persuing her heart, to start learning more about her. To start seeing her as God sees her.

Now, let me talk to your daughter's mama for a moment. Girl, if you weren't persued as a child or teenager by your own father I have a secret to tell you as a fellow daugher who wasn't persued as a child...God is running towards you right now with arms wide open. He's yelling at the top of His lungs that He LOVES you. He SEES you and He wants YOUR heart. You are a daughter of the King and no matter what happened in the past He wants you. He accepts you just the way you are and He sees you as a gorgeous princess worthy of love from The King.

If you don't know where to start persuing your daughter let me give you a few suggestions..

When she's standing in front of you talking to you, grab her for a hug. Not just a quick hug but a lasting hug. Touch is a powerful thing. Whisper in her ear that she's beautiful.

Tell her you love her often

Look directly at her when she's speaking to you and actually LISTEN and HEAR what she's saying

Take her on a mother daughter date, suggest to your husband that he take her on a father daughter date as well - do this as often as possible. While on the date ask her what SHE wants to do and then do it and enjoy it. Our children want our time, they want US.

Ask her about her day, ask her about her friends, ask her about her dreams

Invite her to fix dinner with you.

Invite her to study the Bible with you, share a scripture God has placed on your heart recently. Ask her what God has been teaching her latley.

I believe this post was as much for me as it was for you today sweet sister. I am His princess and He's entrusted me to raise a princess. No matter what has happened in my past it's been washed away and there's only God and me, what I do now with that information makes all the difference.

The world wants your daughter's heart, will you fight for her heart instead?


  1. This is such a beautiful reminder, Mandy. The world is fighting for our daughter's hearts, so we must fight harder. True beauty comes from the inside out. We have a Heavenly Father who thinks we are beautiful and is pursing us every step of the way. What an amazing truth!

  2. I have 3 daughters... I need to do more of this.

  3. Oh...if every mother and every father would do this! I remember my hubby taking our middle daughter out on a date. I remember the movie that they saw. It was a special time. I'm sure he took the other 2 girls and our son out,too, but I particularly remember this one.

    I will admit, Mandy, you made me cry this morning! This is such a great post...such an IMPORTANT reminder to fight for our daughter's and son's! If we don't, the world will certainly win them. We must not allow that to happen!!!

  4. Mandy, this is absolutely beautiful! I love when you say "I am His princess and He entrusted me to raise His princess." So true."

    Our relationship with our children are so important and so fragile. They need work, they need love. Thank you for this!

  5. Your blog is an ecouragement to me. I've nominated it for the "Candle Lighters Award." Here is the link on my blog that refers to this and explains the award.

    I realize that God should get the glory...that being said, awards do bring readers to your posts...think of the potential in ministering the Word.


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