Monday, September 19, 2011

Marriage Monday - Turn Your Thoughts To Him 2

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Last week we talked about turning our thoughts toward our husband.  Did you purposely think of your guy throughout the week?  Did you pray for him and then let him know?  Today we are going to talk about other ways to turn your thoughts toward your husband.

I hate fish.  It is gross and it stinks.  I have tried to eat it over and over, but honestly it gags me every time.  According to my mother, I loved fish as a kid, but I surely don't remember it!  It is not just fish, I hate all seafood.  I also hate barbecue.  People think I am crazy because I live in a popular barbecue state yet I hate it!  And honestly, I could list several other things.  I am a very picky eater. 

Because I hate seafood and barbecue, I don't cook it.  Ever.  But my husband loves it so I am being very unfair to him. 

When we have our thoughts turned to our husband, we take what he likes into consideration. 

If he likes a certain food, cook it for him occasionally.  Another food I just will not eat is pork (I am gagging now!).  Jeremy likes pork chops, my sons do as well.  So a year or so ago, I started cooking a dinner of pork chops for the guys and chicken for the girls.

Does your husband like watching Monday Night Football but you snag the remote first to watch some drama?  Try letting him have the remote occasionally and snuggle up with him while he teaches you all about field goals and all that jazz.  Does he like going to the swap meet but you think it is nothing but junk?  Try going with him a time or two and oh and aw over things he finds fascinating. 

Turning our thoughts to our husband by thinking about what matters to them is a great way to show them that they matter to us.  Today, think of something your husband really likes that you have ignored in the past.  Make plans for whatever that may be this week.  He will know you have been thinking of him!

Sweet Blessings~



  1. Great reminder, Jenifer. And such a tangible way of showing our spouses we care about them.

    By the way, if you lived closer to would be my mission to get you to fall in love with sushi! Yum ;)

  2. Eileen, oh yuck! Lol! I do wish you lived closer though! :)

  3. You DID like fish when you were a little girl. I don't know when you stopped liking it, but you did. You don't know what you're missing! *smiles*

    I love these tangible ways you list...however, when you have a fairly 'passive''s a little harder to do. You know your dad...he always lets me have what I want. While that is nice...he deserves the same thing. I have been making the effort lately to give him the things HE wants.

  4. Ha, I also eat no fish or shellfish ... My husband loves Chinese food. Sometimes I'am cooking it for him. I promise you ... Now I will cook it more often. Your blog is full of humor, but the undertone is serious and that's what I like. Thanks for this.

  5. Jenifer, your gagging is making me gag. Not a good way to start the morning. lol This is great encouragement though. We need to be aware of what our husbands like and spend some time doing that. It's not all about us. ;)

  6. I wish I could give this little nugget of truth to every new bride out there! Thank you for sharing this, and I can SO relate. I happen to love seafood and BBQ, but very often, I DO cook stuff for my husband that I just can't mushrooms, steamed asparagus and cabbage rolls; things he loves but I just can't get down :( That's what we do for love :) Be blessed today!

  7. I love this reminder. It was not given as advice but learned on my own and I am so glad I did. I love that my husband gets a smile on his face and flame in his heart when I just do something he wants. For him it is usually letting him sleep just one extra hour. While it is not something we do together he is just like a kid when you give him that extra little bit. I do have to admit though I do not cook seafood mine is more because of an allergy thus I think he really understands, but I totally will encourage it for take out!

  8. I can't believe I won! I never win anything... thank you SO much for this gift, I feel so incredibly blessed =)

    I enjoy your marriage Monday's so much Jenifer. My husband works a lot and I've accepted that it's just where we're at and I'm content. But we can suddenly get really disconnected... okay, but distant. I start watching TV in bed when he's not there or I have my head in my phone or computer. So, I get into those habits and then he comes around and I am still doing those things. I'm trying to be intentional about giving him my full attention when he is here. I want to make the most of the little time I do have with him.

    PS... I want to go for sushi :)

  9. Yay, Heidi! Congrats! Great post, Jenifer! Such a great reminder!


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