Friday, September 16, 2011

Family Friday - Love Notes

I've been playing a little game with my husband this week. I've been leaving him notes all over the place. The egg carton so he will find it when he makes breakfast, his shampoo bottle when he takes a shower, the sunflower seed bag when he goes for a snack, his notebook so he will find it for his men's group, I left one in his water jug for work and his deodorant lid too. I must say it has been SO much fun! I have a horrible time at keeping surprises secret. It was fun when he would find them.
 My leaving him love notes even motivated him to do some and yesterday morning I found one in my coffee pot!

I wish my kids could read because this would be a cool way to show them how much I love them. Our kids love to HEAR we love them but actions speak even louder.  Sometimes it's as simple as leaving an encouraging Bible verse you read in your quiet time for them to find.  I'm so excited to continue this game with my husband!  Next week I'm going to find even better hiding spots.

What do you do to SHOW your love to your family?  Share with us in the comments section or on Facebook.

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Posted by Mandy


  1. How fun to leave him little surprises! And how cool that he joined in on the fun! :)

    We have Friday night campout. It is a time to show our love by spending time together and making memories. I also leave notes for hubby and do heart stickers to show my family they have my heart and leave Hershey kisses around so they can have a kiss from wife/mom.

  2. Good post!! That sounds like it would be a fun way to keep things interesting and exciting between a husband and a wife! Even the kids!!

  3. I love this idea and I'm going to go hide a love note right now. :) We have been having a Friday Fun Day with our son. We try to do something different each week, just the three of us. It's been a lot of fun and I really see the bond between my husband and son deepening.

  4. Ok, so now you've given me a project for this week coming.
    God bless


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