Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

Happy Tasty Tuesday ladies!  Today I am not going to give you a recipe as much as I am going to give you an idea.  I am a huge and I mean HUGE ice cream lover.  I eat ice cream so often that my doctor and dentist actually told me I was getting way to much calcium. Too much of a good thing I guess?  When we were on vacation recently we had ice cream every single day.  Now that is not unusual when it comes to me and my sister.  But, I am just being honest here ladies, some days we had it twice.  Gasp!  So as you can see, I am an ice cream lover to the max!

Now I don't mind eating ice cream at home.  There is one brand and flavor I love and get often.  But it is nice to go out to an actual place and have the "specialty" stuff.  Not just the stuff from a paper tub.  But let's face it, that gets pricey!  And if you have a large family like I do (six of us) it can easily cost $25 to $30 each time you go.  Wowza!

So here is an idea to give you that yummy coldness and not empty your wallet.  Buy just a plan tub of ice cream.  You know those large, cheap, boring tubs?  Then buy your favorite candy and head home. 

Here is my favorite concoction:

Chocolate ice cream
Tub of creamy peanut butter
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Hershey syrup

Get a bowl or plastic cutting board out, empty your ingredients and using a thick metal spoon (you will need a strong metal spoon for this, like they use in an ice cream shop) start mixing it in.  Voila!  You can even buy or make waffle cones for even more of an ice cream shop taste. 

Not only does it save you some money and last a bit longer than one visit, but it is a blast for the kids to make their own favorite ice cream.  This week pick a night and have your own personal ice cream shop right in your kitchen!  

Sweet Blessings~


  1. We love doing this...it saves money and reminds us home in the states!

  2. We also love making our own concoctions! I'll have to try yours! Sounds great!


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