Monday, July 18, 2011

Marriage Monday - Praying for our Spouse

Happy Marriage Monday friends!  Today's post is one that I did on my personal blog a few months ago.  Something imporant God had been dealing with me about.  Praying for my spouse to change.

How many times have you prayed that God would change your husband? That He would speak to your husband or change his attitude. I am going to guess it is probably often. I have to admit that I have many times prayed that way. Especially in the middle of a disagreement. "God, please change him!"

Now, how many times have you prayed that God would help you be a better spouse? The kind of spouse He called you to be. Here, I would guess not so much. We all think we are good how we are but our spouse really needs to change. He needs to be more understanding and respectful.  He needs to understand you desire more attention.  He needs to help keep the house more tidy.  He needs to put his shoes up.  We can find many things to ask God for about our husband but what about ourselves?

We should daily pray that God would help us to be the kind of wife He has called us to be. The kind of wife that is supportive, caring, gentle, slow to anger, quick to encourage, trustworthy and loving. Yes, of course we need to pray for our husband, but just as important is praying that we would be a good wife to our mate. Pray that God would teach you to be a Godly wife. You may be surprised to find that some of your husband's faults don't seem as bad when we are asking God to change us.

I want to encourage you to start praying that God would help you become the kind of wife He meant for you to be. Ask Him to help you see your own faults and where you need to change before asking Him to change your husband.  If you are not yet married, that is fine!  You should still pray daily that God would begin to prepare your heart and spirit now to become the wife you were meant to be.  Let's work to become a better wife (or future wife) as God would have us to be.

Sweet Blessings~   


  1. Love your post, it is great. It was some years back as I was praying for the Lord to change Papa that God told me I needed to pray for me to be able to accept him the way he is. That is how I pray and have for sometime but I have not prayed that God would make me a better wife. Thanks for reminding me, this is an important way to pray. Yes God, help me to be a much better wife. Thank you, Lord. Thanks Jenifer, for this great post.

    Blessings to you.

  2. This is something I have prayed before, but not on a consistent basis. Great post!

  3. Great encouragement Jenifer! When I want my husband to change God usually shows me where I need to change... and there is always something :)

  4. Great post. Spouses should continually pray for one another.

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