Friday, July 15, 2011

Date your kids

We've read on Marriage Mondays that we should faithfully date our spouses regularly but I believe the same can be said with our kids. Sometimes our schedules can get so busy. Things can be pouring in on us and the kids lose our focus, now I don't believe they should be our #1 only focus but they do need our attention too.

It's important to spend one on one time with our kids as they are growing, getting to know them assuring them they can talk to us about anything and everything. That will keep a closeness with your children as they go through their life changes and grow into themselves. Dating your kids can be fun, easy and cheap here are a few ides I've come up with...

1) Go to the park ~ Designate 1 or 2 days a month and make it special for one child, if you have two or more kids you could do the same with the other children or designate two children at a time depending on how many kids you have.

2) Go to the pool~ It's summer here in the midwest and it's HOTTTT so a lot of families I know have been frequenting their local pool, take your kids swimming, make it an all day event and pack a picnic lunch.

3) Story Time~ My kids are still really young so they like to be read to, head to the Library for Story Time or I know our local Library has fun stuff for older kids to work on, check yours to see if they offer any special programs for kids to do.

4)Lunch~ If you budget for it take one or two children out to lunch one weekend, sit in a quiet area of the restaurant where you can talk about their lives and really listen to them.

If you don't feel any of these things would interest your kids talk with them, ask them what they would like to do with you. I gaurantee they will have an answer. Our kids love knowing they have our full attention. I hope you found some of these ideas helpful.

Enjoy your weekend friends and remember, take your kids on a special date this weekend.


  1. Our kids want our time and attention more than anything. Something as simple as playing a game with them can mean the world to them. Great post!

  2. This is something we have done, yet not often enough. Jeremy has, a couple of times, taken four months and each month takes a child out for a date. I haven't had that privilege just yet, but when I go to the store or something, if Jeremy is home with the kids, I will take just one with me. It is such a great time to connect with that child. Great encouragement!

  3. Great post. The kids will remember this for a life time, look back and tell their kids about it. Debi spents time with Dave and me, although we don't always do alot we do eat lunch out. There was a time Debi and I spent Tuesdays doing our thing. We can still learn things about one another and remain close. Adults also remember the time spent with their kids. A really great post.

    Blessings to you, Mandy.

  4. Great ideas! Our kiddos need special attention too. It also teaches them how to treat a member of the opposite sex when they start dating.

  5. Seriously needed to hear these reaffirming words today. My heart has been broken over my world's recent lack of structure and posted about the same thing today. Thank you SO much for your date ideas. I think I may get up early and take my son on a date in the morning. thanks!

  6. Great ideas and you're right, they love having our attention!

    I remember when my oldest was 14 my hubby felt like he needed to spend more time with him.

    I suggested he take him out to McDonalds for breakfast because I knew my son would love it and it was cheap.

    My oldest loves Costco (in fact, we went there today) and so that has always been something we do together when we can (he's away at college during the school year).

    My youngest (18) is a homebody so most of our "dates" are just hanging out around here. He loves to play me some of his new music that he likes.


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