Monday, April 4, 2011

A Challenge of Praise

Recently I heard the sweet Michelle Duggar say that we should be praising our children at least ten times more than we are correcting them.  And our own sweet Mandy said the same thing in a Family Friday post.  It has got me thinking.  Of course I don't correct my husband, but I should still be praising him.  I should be thanking him for the good he does and for who he is.  I should be praising him in front of our children, our family and friends.  I need to praise my man so that he can see how much I love and appreciate him. 

Today I want to issue a challenge to you.  A serious, no playing games challenge.  Are you up for it? 

I challenge you, no I dare you, for the next seven days, until the next Marriage Monday, to not say one negative thing to or about your husband.  Only say positive, encouraging and uplifting things to and about him.  That means no complaining to him for forgetting the shoes he left out or the dishes left on the counter.  No calling your girlfriend and complaining because he was home late from work.  Nothing negative.

Not only are you not to say negative things, but I want you to set a goal of praising him so many times a day.  For example, my personal goal this week is to praise my husband at least six times a day.   

"But my mouth would encourage you..." Job 16:5

Tell your husband how much you appreciate him going to work each day, for putting the lid back on the toothpaste, anything!  Just praise him.  Let your husband know your love by the kind and uplifting things you are saying.

Sweet Blessings~

Check in with us at facebook this week to let us know how you are doing in the Challenge of Praise! 


  1. I already try very hard not to complain to him or about him, but I could do a much better job at praising him... so I'm in! Thanks for encouraging us to be godly wives. This can only work out in our favor... we glorify God and build our husbands up at the same time and all of that equals blessings for us!

  2. Great challenge, Jenifer. I'm in. I know I need to work harder on this. The more we praise our husbands, the more we fall in love with them.

  3. Ok...I'm in! I don't think I nag and complain, however, I would bet HE sees it differently. So, I will accept your 'dare' and do my dead level best to make it through the week. I will be conscious of my words AND my actions.

  4. Jenifer, I needed to hear this! It was a hectic day for us. Family from out of town is here visiting and we have been on the go all day. Things can get a little stressful when we are all confined to the car for awhile. Tempers got a little short and we ended up snapping. I am SO in!


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