Friday, March 25, 2011

100 Praises

I heard on Christian Radio one day that we should be praising our children 100 times more than we scold them. I don't know about you but this statement rings true for me.

My kids are always getting in to mischief. "Abbie don't hit your brother" "Shayne don't bite your sister" "Don't throw food at each other!" "Don't take your brother's toy". "Don't jump on the couch"

After several sessions in time-out and their bed-time suddenly arrives I find myself wondering if I even said "good job" to them on that day.
Since I heard we should praise our children 100 times more than scolding them, I've been asking God to help me to show them kindness and praise them and slowly my yelling and scolding has gotten better. It's not completley gone but it's better praise God.

If we don't praise our children, pretty soon they will think they can't do anything right. If we are always scolding then that will be the only thing engrained in their brains. They need to hear they are doing a good job.

God does this with us. He lets us know that He's proud of us by blessing us when we do something He has asked of us, so why wouldn't we do follow that same example with our children.

A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. Proverbs 15:1
A hot-tempered man stirs up dissension, but a patient man calms a quarrel Proverbs 15:18

Today I encourage you to be gentle and patient with your children, and give them praises so they know you are proud of them.


  1. Yes, I believe children should be praised more often than not. While reading your blog I was wondering if I scolded my kids more than I ever praised them when they were growing up. I pray that I did praise them but I can't remember so I am wondering now if that meant I didn't give them enough praise. Your post is is setting my mind to thoughts of yester years. Thanks for a wonderful reminder.

  2. Mandy this is awesome. I, too, heard it on the radio. Unfortunately for me, my kids are grown. However, I don't let that stop me...I try to praise them whenever I can. I praise my grandkids, too, as they are an extension of my wonderful kids! At this stage in my life, I find being gentle and patient doesn't come as easy as I wish it did; however, I do believe it is better than when my kids were little. Thank you for this reminder. I pray that it stays in the forefront of MY mind daily!

  3. Great lesson! I wish I had heard it when my kids were little. Now that my kids are older, I do find it easy to praise them and I do it a lot. Prayer is the answer to change.

  4. I heard Michelle Duggar say the same thing once. This is something I have to constantly work on. I want to praise my children, but sometimes I forget and I shouldn't. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. So true...we mostly focus on the negative things about our kids, what a relief to give them praise for the good, right things that they do instead! Have a blessed weekend :-)

  6. Great post! I remember when the kids were little and it felt like all I did was correct them, as you said.

    I had to pray and ask the Lord to help me find ways to praise them and to LOOK for them and be more encouraging.

    My oldest did a post on my blog once, and one of the things he mentioned was the encouragement that we gave him when he was younger, so obviously he appreciated it!

    Even though they are older, they still need our encouragement, I think, so thanks for the reminder!


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