Saturday, December 16, 2023

Not an Island

 By: Grace Metzger

Without guidance, a people will fall, but
with many counselors there is deliverance.
Proverbs 11:14

Guidance is a hard topic for some people. Most people like to think they can handle everything on their own and they don't need any help. It's a foolish way of thinking, however, I can't lie, I have had that same thought process more often than I would care to admit. 

No one wants to admit they need help, tell someone about the mistakes they made, or worse, having someone tell you that you made a mistake. It's hard. But God calls for us to seek guidance from others! Why would God call us to do something that is so difficult? 

A wise man will hear and increase learning, and
a man of understanding will attain wise counsel.
Proverbs 1:5

This is what I would like to think is one of the reasons God calls us to seek other people's advice. I don't know about you, but I want to be known as a woman of understanding. What being a woman of understanding means to me is that I don't just jump in to things, I don't make rash decision. Instead, I think things through and seek counsel of wise believers who know their Bible and can help guide me through my problems. I want to be that woman.

So how do you find this counsel? How do you find a group of wise believers who can help you through life? For me, I was very blessed that I have a wonderful family of believers and have been able to seek their guidance so many times in my life. Others may not have this relationship with family and that's ok. There are many ways to find people who can become your counsel. Getting involved with your church is one major way to find someone like this. Go to your church’s women's group, the Bible Studies, and go to the events. Talk to others and just be straight forwarded. Tell them you are needing guidance and counsel in your life and ask them if they are able to become that for you. Trust me when I say this, most believers are not only willing, but are hoping that they are able to give guidance to others. 

You are not an island. You need help. So go! Start finding people who you can trust, people who you feel comfortable with going to when you are seeking advice. Start out with just one or two, you don't need to find 10+ people right now. But find your people and become a woman of understanding. 

Discussion Questions: 

1.) Do you find it hard to find accountability partners?

2.) Is God leading you to find a counsel or to counsel someone in this season?

3.) Was there a time when you got good advice from trusted other believers?

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