Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Everyday Miracles

By: Jenifer Metzger

At our church we have seen a hard series of health crises over the last year. Particularly in our babies. If you follow me on social media, you may have heard that my grandson was born last summer with a heart defect. It wasn't known until he was three weeks old and my daughter and the rest of the family begin to see concerning signs. He was taken to the doctor who sent him to the pediatric cardiologist. We were told his heart was functioning at 25% and basically, he would fall asleep and never wake up very soon. At one month old, he had open heart surgery. It was a long, hard road.

The other stories are not mine to share, but are just as difficult and just as life threatening. It's been a hard year. A year of broken hearts. A year with buckets of tears shed. A year that has had our church and countless others on our knees in fervent prayer.

Recently my husband was crying out to God asking why our babies were facing these difficult situations. They are so little, our precious babies. He clearly heard God tell him, "Because when things happen to adults, you explain it away as coincidence or a doctor's intervention. You don't pray for yourselves. You don't ask others for prayer. You don't give praise. You don't see the miracles. But when things happen to your children, you pray, you ask others to pray, you give praise, you see the miracles." Wow.

Now, lest you think I am saying that God is causing our little ones to have health issues, I am not. God doesn't cause these things, but He will allow them for His glory and purpose.

Everyday Miracles #miracles

When my husband told me this, I thought back to different times in my life when I had health issues or was going through a difficult situation. I can remember times I didn't ask for prayer, that I assumed the healing came from a doctor or just the passing of time. Times I didn't see the miracle. Yet, when my children had issues, I begged others to pray and when an answer came, I was quick to see God's hand.

He is your praise and He is
your God, who has done for
you these great and awe-inspiring
works your eyes have seen.
Deuteronomy 10:21

Other than "big" miracles, there are miracles all around us every single day. Yet, we don't see them, and if we see them, we aren't recognizing them as miracles of God. We explain that unexpected check that came in the mail as a surprise or something we earned...miracle. We explain the tree bending in the windstorm but never breaking as something a tree just does...miracle. We explain the broken bone that healed quickly as strong bones or great doctors...miracle. We explain the rain that falls from the sky as "it was bound to rain sometime"...miracle. We explain the sunrise as something that happens everyday...miracle. We explain the creation of life as anything but what it is...miracle. We explain a lost loved one coming to salvation with Jesus as a good sermon or they finally hit rock bottom...miracle.

Miracles are everywhere. We must keep our eyes and hearts open daily for the miracles of God.

As for our babies, my grandson and the other sweet babies are all miracles of God doing so well. We give glory to God every day.

1. What is a "big" miracle you've seen in your lifetime?
2. What is an "everyday" miracle you've see this week?

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! thank you for stopping by my blog! I also loved this post. I will be in prayer for all of those babies that are heavy on your heart! So very nice to meet you, and I hope your birthday is blessed!


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