Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Recall, Remember, & Reflect

By: Jenifer Metzger

Struggles and trials are a part of life. No one can dodge them and no one can outrun them. Living for God doesn't give us a pass, even Christians still face hard times. We go through seasons of pain, loss, and loneliness. We go face financial struggle, broken relationships, and change. It is inevitable.

In those times when we face struggles and trials, we pray and ask God for help. We cry out in despair. Yet, often times the help doesn't come right away, which leads us wonder if God has rejected us, if He has left our side, or forgotten us. Asaph understood this. In Psalm 77 he talks about crying out to the Lord and feeling rejected.

Will the Lord reject forever
and never again show favor?
Has His faithful love ceased forever?
Is His promise at an end for all generations?
Has God forgotten to be gracious?
Has He in anger withheld His compassion?
Psalm 77:7-9

Reflect, Remember, & Recall #w2wministries #Christianliving

Asaph writes that he feels God has withheld His compassions and ceased His faithful love. Then, he goes on to say that He remembers the Lord's wonders. 

I will remember the Lord’s works; yes,
I will remember Your ancient wonders.
I will reflect on all You have done
and meditate on Your actions.
Psalm 77:11-12

Sometimes we need to pause and recall, remember, and reflect. We need to recall the times God has been there for us, the pits He has pulled us out of, the works He has done. We need to remember the times He has saved us and lavished His love on us. We need to reflect on His goodness and mercy.

When we spend time recalling, remembering, and reflecting, we can find the faith and confidence that He will do it again. God is always there. He will never leave us.

1. Think of a time that God saved you. If you feel comfortable, share what happened.
2. What can you do to remind yourself to recall, remember, and reflect on His goodness and mercy in troubled times?

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