Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Covering Your Home in Prayer

By: Jenifer Metzger

When my kids were little, I was quite the nervous mama. I would put angel figurines in all their bedroom windows and the noisiest toys we had directly under the window. My thought process was, if someone tried to break into the window, I would hear the angel figurine fall and crash into the noisy toys to alert me of danger. I am dead serious.

Oh dear friend. We have a very real enemy and he is continually coming after our family. However, he isn't coming in through a "booby trapped" window.

Our enemy, the devil, is after our family. He is after our marriage. He is after our kids. He is after us. He comes in through what we allow on our TVs, phones, tablets, books, toys, attitudes, and even people. Sometimes he comes in guns ablaze and there is no mistaking what is taking place. Yet, sometimes he comes in quietly, disguised to the point we don't recognize the danger.

Covering Your Home in Prayer #prayer #home #family #motherhood

It is up to us to be the gatekeeper for our home. To be on alert. To be prayed up.

Therefore, everyone who hears these
words of Mine and acts on them will be
like a wise man who built his house on
the rock. The rain fell, the rivers rose, and
the winds blew and pounded that house.
Yet it didn’t collapse, because its foundation
was on the rock. But everyone who hears
these words of Mine and doesn’t act on them
will be like a foolish man who built his house
on the sand. The rain fell, the rivers rose, the
winds blew and pounded that house, and it
collapsed. It collapsed with a great crash.
Matthew 7:24-26

Whether we do not have children, have little ones, have teens, or are empty nesters, we need to be women who cover our homes in prayer. We must build our home with a strong foundation in Christ. If we don't, when the enemy comes in, and he will certainly try, we will collapse.

Cover Your Home in Prayer

Intentionally pray daily for your family. Every day pray for God's hand to be upon your family. Call out your family by name. Pray specific needs of each family member. Pray for your family to daily take up the Armor of God.

Regularly go through your home and pray. Regularly -whether for you that is once a week or once a month- go through your home and pray. Use anointing oil even. Touch the door to your home and pray for those who come and go, bind the enemy and rebuke his entrance into your home. Touch your TVs, computers, tablets, and phones asking God to help your family to be careful with what they hear and see. Touch everyone's pillows and pray restful sleep. If you feel God prompting you to pray something specific, pray that. If you have the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, pray in the Spirit.

Regularly take inventory of your home. Periodically go through your home and take inventory of the toys your children have, the books, games, and movies your family has. Is there anything that is letting the world creep in? Anything that allows the enemy a foothold? If so, remove it! Pray and ask God to help you fill your home with things that will honor Him.

Pray Scripture. Look up Scripture verses and pray them over your family. If your family struggling with kindness, pray Scriptures of kindness over them. If your family is dealing with fear, find Scriptures that tell us to not be afraid and pray those over your family.

Be in the Word. Prayer and the Bible go hand in hand. Be in the Word. Leave your Bible out and open and continually go back to it. When God speaks to you through a verse, pray that verse aloud in your home.

But if it doesn’t please you to worship
the Lord, choose for yourselves today
Which will you worship—the gods
your ancestors worshiped beyond the
Euphrates River or the gods of the
Amorites in whose land you are living?
As for me and my family,
we will worship the Lord.
Joshua 24:15

Remember, the enemy is always lurking about seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8) so cover your home and your family in prayer!

1. Have you ever given much thought to the things you allow in your home? Are you willing to stand firm and deny things that allow the devil a foothold?
2. Do you regularly pray over your family?

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  1. This post blessed me this morning, Jenifer! As I read Ephesians 6 this morning, the study I was reading pointed out a "3-step plan": Be aware. Be equipped. Be devoted. Your post confirmed my reading this morning. May we recognize the spiritual battle which surrounds us, but also recognize the Lord has given us a way to fight and also win the battle. Blessings!


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