Monday, July 25, 2022

When Stars & Wonders Speak

 By: Joanne Viola

Vacations are always a special family time. A time to get away, be together, make memories, and just rest. There is no way to know what the week will hold for any of us.

So many memories stay in the forefront of our minds, able to be retrieved vividly.

It was the night they called me out onto the deck, into the stillness and blackest of nights. “Look up!” they shouted. Above us was the clearest, brightest, and most distinct sky my eyes have ever beheld.

Countless stars, each twinkling. The big dipper visible in its glory.

The sky looked like a panoramic photo. Too perfect to be real and yet, there it was before us. We stood silent and in awe.

The sky and the moment spoke to my heart. I knew there was more, more than simply the wonder of it all. God had something He was wanting to say, but stayed silent, letting the memory become ingrained in my mind. Until the morning, once home from vacation, when I read this Scripture:

“The Lord merely spoke, and the heavens were created.
He breathed the word, and all the stars were born.”
(Psalm 33:6, NLT)

God’s Word and creation display His character and His power to us in ways our minds simply cannot comprehend. Omnipotently, He created everything out of nothing. He simply breathed, spoke the word, and the stars came into being without any opposition for there is no power greater than His.

In that moment on the deck, I felt small as His vastness was declared in the sky above me.

“The sovereignty of God is that golden scepter in his hand by which he will make all bow, either by his word or by his works, by his mercies or by his judgments.” (Thomas Brooks)

My heart has been bowed low by His works displayed that night, and by His Word since. God is sovereign over His works and over our lives. I may not understand all the ways God works in our lives, but this I am sure, God will intervene in the lives of His people at the right moment, for He is faithful to His own.

Here’s the thing God has been speaking into my heart ever since –

He is still breathing the word, His Word –
into our lives, into our circumstances, and
bringing new life.


Photo by Ryan Hutton on Unsplash


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