Thursday, July 21, 2022

5 Tips For Freedom From Overwhelm

By: Donna Bucher 

I saw this phrase in an article recently: "Welcome to overwhelmia, my new normal." It provided a much needed chuckle, but afterwards brought a knowing smile to my lips. Sadly, most women today live in "overwhelmia".

Whether a working mom, single career woman, or empty-nester, overwhelm seems to be a way of life. My list of 5 for freedom from overwhelm provides a way out of overwhelmia.

Attempting to live up to an impossible standard, suffocates you with overwhelm while sucking the life out of you. Ultimately destroying your passion for the things which are meaningful to you. Disabling your vision for your true priorities, and while trying to "do it all" you actually do nothing well.



Recognize the triggers leading to overwhelm for you. Asking a few questions helps you pinpoint recurring problems.

  • What specifically happened triggering my feelings of overwhelm?
  • Are these feelings the result of something I did, failed to do or based on my perspective?
  • Are other people involved? How did they contribute to my overwhelm?



Without priorities you have little direction for your day; resulting in a focus on urgent things and ignoring the important things. Ignoring the important things, causes things to pile up resulting in overwhelm.

  • Make a list of everything you need to do; from small daily things and things you may only do once a month (like pay bills).
  • Break this list down into smaller lists, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Distinguish between "must do" and "should do" tasks.
  • Is there anything that can move to weekly rather than daily, monthly rather than weekly?
  • Determine if a task can be delegated to your spouse or another "helper".


This is huge for those that tend more towards overwhelm. Planning does take time, but in the long run saves time, effort and stress.

  • Meal planning; find a method that works for you. Plan for the week or the month, but taking the time to do this will beat the "what's for dinner" overwhelm. Keep it simple, pick things you make well, plan 5 nights, count on leftovers the other two nights. Try keeping the same menu every week.
  • Make a grocery list. If you do meal planning, it makes grocery shopping a breeze. Keep the list in a visible place for everyone, so needed items can be added.
  • If you work outside the home, Sunday night, pick out five outfits for the week.
  • Plan breakfasts and lunches and have healthy snacks on hand.
  • Prep packed lunches ahead of time, older kids can help with this.
  • Prep ahead as much as possible for meals and store in fridge and freezer.


This is something we all know is valuable, but it rarely gets on the "list" of things we prioritize to do.

  • Discuss and strategize with your spouse how to make this happen.
  • Pick one night each week for your "Me Time". Whether the entire evening or just an hour or so. Be consistent and make this "non-negotiable".
  • You can use this time in any way you choose, but pick something that "recharges" you. A walk, listening to music, reading, or a hot bath.



Have a flexible daily routine. This will look different depending on your situation, and doesn't need "set in stone", just something so everyone knows what is expected.

  • Plan ahead for TV time, homework, dinner together and free time.
  • Incorporate your kids into your nightly hygiene rituals. This is great bonding time for moms/daughters and dads/sons.
  • Brush/floss teeth, brush hair, facial cleanse, moisturize body & face, with little ones. Mom & Dad will be an example of good hygiene.
  • Plan down time to read individually or together, or other quiet activity
  • Have everyone participate in cleaning up clutter and putting things away in all common areas.

Clutter is a known trigger for overwhelm, plus how nice to start each day without it!

Recognizing you're overwhelmed is a big first step to taming your time. Taking the time to implement these 5 tips for freedom from overwhelm, will help you create space in your days and free your time for the things you enjoy most.

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  1. Thank you, Donna, for this article. I easily spotted an area that I need to work on..."me time". I am going to start praying about it and see how to best use some time to recharge. xx


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