Friday, July 30, 2021

The Proof You Are a Disciple

BySarah Geringer 

Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.

John 13:35 NLT

What proof does the world need that we are Jesus followers? Our love for one another.

I totally agree with Jesus' statement. I know it's true, and it's good for me to hear. But if I'm being honest, I often have a hard time putting it into practice.

In these fractured times, when everyone is ranting and raving on social media (even within the Church), it feels harder than ever to choose a loving stance.

But that's just "out there." Closer to home, it can be hard for me to show love to the drivers who tailgate me or people who butt in line before me. It's even difficult to show love on a consistent basis toward my own family, for goodness' sake.

Why is it so hard to show this love? Because my heart consistently turns back on itself, toward selfishness.

We all have this tendency. Like the apostle Paul, we may want to be more loving, but our sinful natures cause us to turn back toward selfishness. (See Rom. 7:14-25)

It helps me to consider the context in which Jesus spoke these words. He was in the upper room, the night before he died. He was speaking to his disciples, the ones who had bickered and jockeyed with each other for three years. Their sinful natures are often on display in the Gospel. Just like ours are.

But these disciples would carry the Gospel message into the world and build the early church. Jesus had a great plan for them, and love was a key component of that plan. He knew that if outsiders could see wildly different people loving each other well, the Church would be the most inviting place on earth. 

How does this message apply to us today? We need to start showing love within the Church, repairing the damage that has occurred in recent times. We must love one another as brothers and sisters in Christ, always remembering that our actions (online or in person) are proof positive of our faith.

The best news of all: We don't have to do this alone! And we can't do it on our own anyway. We must depend on the Holy Spirit to give us the fruits of the spirit to help us treat others the way we want to be treated. Even though our sinful natures lead us toward selfishness, we can overcome by allowing God to work in us and through us, empowering us to love in his power.

Today, ask the Holy Spirit to give you new love for others. Start in your own home and work outward. Pray before you post anything online. Ask him to hold you accountable when you are tempted to be selfish. If you pray this prayer for the next month, the world will see that you are a true disciple of Jesus. I'm praying this prayer - will you join me?

Dear Jesus,

I know your words are true. 

It's clear you want me to love others more.

But I confess: I often turn toward selfishness instead.

When I do this, my witness for you is tarnished.

However, I want to prove that I am your disciple.

I want to do this in the way that's important to you: loving others.

But I can't carry this out on my own.

Empower me through the Holy Spirit to love others.

May my love first increase in my own home and spread outward.

May he bring your example to mind when I'm tempted.

May he bear spiritual fruit through me as I submit to you.

As you work in me, I pray that my words and actions will make a difference.

May the world see you in me, and may you be glorified.

In your name I pray,


What practical steps will you take to love others more? I'd love to hear from you in the comments.

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Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. This is something I have often grieved over--my selfishness and lack of love. I need the frequent reminder that love isn't something I can work up, but it's something God has to work in and through me.

    1. Enjoying the truth in your newest post, Barbara!

  2. Thank you for stirring us up toward more love for others. How easy it is to neglect the very thing that Christ tells us is most important!

    1. Thanks Patti! I can see God's grace in your posts!


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