Monday, May 25, 2020

Families and Rivers

By: Joanne Viola

Today is Memorial Day – a day in which families will get together, barbeque, and enjoy the company of one another while remembering those who have served our country.

As we open to the eighth song of Ascents, Psalm 127, we will discover some wonderful truths about the making of a home and family.

God is the One who builds the house.

“Unless the Lord builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted.” (Psalm 127:1, NLT)

While God does not physically build our homes, the psalmist reminds us that our homes and families will only experience success when God is front and center. Without His Presence, success will escape us.

God is the One who Protects our homes. 

“Unless the Lord protects a city, guarding it with sentries will do no good.” (Psalm 127:2, NLT)

God takes very seriously the homes He builds and therefore, He protects them and those who live within.

God is the One who blesses the home. 

“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.” (Psalm 127:3, NLT)

As we gather today with our loved ones, may we remember our families are a gift from God. Each child born into our families is unique and personally placed.

Each day we have with our families is a gift of time. Time to shape and direct lives with a loving, grace-filled, and godly influence.

During the years while they are young and with us, those are the days in which we are to shape and mold them, leaving our imprint in their memories.

May we invest into the lives of our families as we recognize they are the ones we will one day release into the world to leave a lasting impact.

In his book, A Family Shaped by Grace, Gary Morland shares this quote:
“We must begin thinking like a river if we are to leave a legacy of beauty and life for future generations.”
– David Brower
We are writing our family stories every day. Like a river, they will flow on long after we are gone.

Homes and families are a big deal to God.
For in and through them, He does some of His finest work.

Photo by Jack Anstey on Unsplash

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